Vacation--Overheard and Observed

While on vacation, we had numerous opportunities to eavesdrop. You have to remember that all these rides aren't just rides like you would find at a regular amusement park. These rides tell a story.

Here are a few gems I wrote down after a long day at the park.

Tower of Terror, at Hollywood Studios in Disney World

An elevator dropping ride. The ride is computerized to have a different sequence of drops every time.

Parent to child: "It's just like a trampoline, where go up and down. . . "

Cast member at gate, under her breath: "And up and down, and down and up, over and over."

Haunted House, Magic Kingdom at Disney World

a continuous ride through the mansion in a doom-mobile

Parent to child: "It's not scary. It's just fun stuff to look at."

. . . only if you like being creeped out in the dark.

Star Tours, Hollywood Studios at Disney World
3-D motion simulator ride, with different combinations of adventures
Kid whining about not being able to see the screen.
Dad turns to him, curling his fingers into a fist. "This is you shutting it."
The kid shut it.
Same kid: "Why is Yoda staring at me?"
Hubby under his breath: "Because you gassed everyone out with the fart you just laid."
Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom

roller coaster in the dark, each 'rocket' is two sets of three seats, front to back
Large woman trying to get into roller coaster seat: "Oh, I think I'm too tall."
My kidlet, under her breath: "I don't think it's a height issue."

My Kidlet: "My shirt's all wrinkled."
Hubs: "Don't worry, it will all sweaty soon."
The day before we left Disney, we were stuck on Space Mountain for 20 minutes.
My kidlet said: "It's family bonding time!"
I think we taught her well, don't you? :-)
And last, but not least . . .
Hubs to TSA agent: "Are you sure you want me to take my shoes off? I've been at a theme park all morning."
TSA agent was not amused!
Theme park wrap-up over the next few days!
Later, Peeps!

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