Dragon Days of Summer excerpt

It seems like it's been forever since I've blogged, but it's only been about three weeks. Actually, by now, I thought I would have had shoulder surgery and be in an arm sling that would totally immobilize my left shoulder.

But I cancelled my surgery because the cervical spinal injections seem to be taking care of the immediate problem . . . for now.

I hope y'all took the opportunity to download my books when they were free, even if you haven't had a chance to read them. Sometimes I download books and then finally get around to reading them 6-7 months later!

To that end, I thought I'd post a very short excerpt from DRAGON DAYS OF SUMMER, Book Four of The Goblin's Apprentice series.

Chapter One
Parenting 101--Pester your Kid
I stared out the car window and watched the grass flash by. Spring had been wet this year, which made everything grow like weeds, including the weeds.
 “So, do you want to talk about it?” Mom asked as she drove us home.
The simple answer would be “No”, but sometimes Mom just didn’t get it. Two hours of mind-numbing detention. Two hours of sitting in the same room as Bubba. Two hours spent in a troll hole would have been better than the complete and utter boredom of the school library. What a total waste of time.
It didn’t help that school was almost over for the year and Mrs. Dillard didn’t see the need to assign us any homework. It wasn’t like I could pull my Celestian physiology book out of my backpack to start reading up on mermaids, dryads, or trolls. Or whip out my sword and practice a few moves. Or even try manipulating stuff with my earth magic.
Though . . . come to think of it, the thought of calling a dust bunny to attack Bubba did have its merits.
What was the point of being a goblin’s apprentice if the goblin never bothered to show up?  It wasn’t my problem the aforementioned goblin was being held captive on the alternate realm of Celestia, was it?  Where was his replacement?
I softly snorted. Why did I even bother to pretend I was still the goblin’s apprentice?
No one was banging on my door asking for my help with the war. In fact, I hadn’t heard a peep from anyone in months.
And my little adventure with the leprechauns, pixies and faeries didn’t count. Leprechauns only cared about themselves. Their only concern was how to use the war to their advantage.  Faeries and pixies were minor Mythicals; no one on the Celestian Council cared about them or their contributions to the war effort.
K’vn and Rory were the only Mythicals I had contact with, well, other than Zinzara—but a brownie and gnome weren’t exactly challenging opponents to train with. And Little Dude had disappeared when Darien was released from Castle Dragonskull’s dungeon.
I missed Little Dude. Things always grew exciting when he popped up.
Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Glad your shoulder is doing better. Love your books!
This new story is great!

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meg!

The shoulder really never was the issue, the problem is my neck . . . which has been causing numerous problems the last few days. *sigh*