Weighty Wednesday -- Insanity is . . .

This is the way many of us approach weight loss.

We eat the same foods, don't change our activity level, and yet we expect the weight to slough off like the snake skin off a snake.

It isn't going to happen, people!

I'm the prime example of this. For months, I've been whining about my 3-5 lb. weight gain, BUT I didn't do anything about it. I simply coasted along and pretended to do something about it while all the time magically expecting something to happen.

This week I had a 1.4 lb weight loss. It isn't much. But considering I didn't have my mental attitude adjustment until Sunday and weigh-in was Tuesday morning, I think this is a fantastic amount! It's because of the way I'm approaching this. I'm finally buckling down and making it happen!

Look--if what you're doing isn't working, then CHANGE IT!

If you want to lose weight you will do the hard work. You just have to want it enough. Many of you talk the big game, but you aren't ready or able to do the hard work. Whether it's the mental block or a physical block, it doesn't matter. You can make change happen if you set your mind to it.

Do you want it bad enough, or are you really happy with the place you're at?

Something is stopping you from losing weight, but I can't fix it for you. Your Weight Watcher leader can't fix it for you. Your spouse and family can't fix it you.

You have to be the one to make the decision.

You have to be the one to make the choice to lose that weight.

You have to be the one to figure out what's stopping you from losing weight.

And don't you dare say, "Hormones."

Hormones don't help, but they aren't the ones that keep packing the weight on--you are.

Yes, losing weight does take some self-control.

You have to WANT to lose weight bad enough to change your habits. Are you ready to take that first step?

It's all about baby steps, my friends.

First you develop an awareness of what you are eating by:
  • writing everything down
  • thinking about what you are putting in your mouth
  • becoming aware of what a real 'portion' size is
Then you develop a plan through:
  • limiting certain foods
  • increasing intake of other foods
  • increasing your activity
Then you follow that plan until you gain the satisfaction:
  • of seeing the scale numbers dropping
  • of clothes feeling looser
  • of compliments about how you are glowing with vitality
As I've said before, we all know what we have to do to lose weight.

The question is, do you want the results enough to do the hard work?

Later, Peeps!