Stars and Stripes Long Course Meet

This weekend the hubs and I got 'numb butt' at another swim meet. It was a local meet and not very big, which meant it started later and ended sooner. But we were still there for 5-6 hours when you include the time we had to get the kidlet there for warm-ups.
The saving grace was that we didn't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn and drive a couple hours before sitting for six hours only to drive back home. And I actually got my walk finished an hour earlier to have it finished before we went to the meet.

So win-win . . .  plus, on Saturday, I won some cash with a local radio station's, 106.9 K-Hits,  money machine.
Photo: The KHITS Money Machine ay Los Cabos Jenks Riverwalk til 5 today with Chase!!
I managed to catch $27 in ones (officially $26, but later discovered another $1 shoved in my bra!). It wasn't much, but it was more than I had 30 seconds earlier! The only reason I strapped on their fanny pack was to keep the money from falling out of my shirt when I shoved it down the neckline of my shirt.

We also learned at this meet to bring our camp chairs. The bleachers had a large space at the top where you could park the chairs, so we snagged a couple of spots both days. It wasn't the premium location, but when you only get up four times to watch your kid swim, it was ideal.

During the down time, I managed to read three out of six contest entries. I still have to comment on one entry and then I need to tackle the 'newbie' writer entry.

But back to the swim meet . . . my kidlet had a wonderful meet, but then again, she always does at the Jenks natatorium. It's a beautiful pool! This is set up for long course, which makes the pool 50 meters--Olympic-sized in length.

We also discovered, once again, that my daughter isn't a sprinter and 50 meter sprints in any stoke isn't her thing. BUT she shaved time off every single even she was entered in!

200 meter IM --    3:06.55    - 6.70 
50 meter Fly --      41.17       -5.22 missed by 1.64 seconds
100 meter Back -- 1:28.35    -2.64 missed by 1.84 seconds
50 meter Free --    34.96       -1.57 missed by 0.56 seconds
100 meter Fly --     1:32.65    -8.92
200 meter Free --    2:51.88   -6.57
50 meter Back --     41.26      -11.18
100 meter Breast -- 1:45.86   -18.72 missed by 2.67 seconds

Everything in green qualified her for Long Course Age Group finals at the end of the month, plus two she qualified for at another meet: 200 Back and 200 Breast.

Considering how short long course season is, the kidlet had a great run and took tons of time off her previous times.

Later, Peeps!

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Meg said...

Awesome, kidlet!!!