Foodie Friday -- Monkey Bread

I've been wanting to make Monkey Bread for a long time, but I've always been missing the key ingredient--Biscuits.

I never buy biscuits, but when I do, I buy the expensive, overly large, flaky ones. You don't need those biscuits for this recipe. Any old cheap cans will work quite well.

And if you trust your kid with a knife, this is the perfect recipe for them to bake.
Monkey Bread

4 cans biscuits
1 cup sugar
1 Tbls cinnamon, or more
2 sticks butter (16 oz)
½ cup brown sugar 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Prepare tube pan by coating inside of pan with vegetable spray (Pam).

Place sugar and cinnamon into resealable plastic bag (Ziploc). Shake to mix. Set aside.

Place butter and brown sugar in heavy saucepan.  Turn on low to melt butter.

Open two cans of biscuits, separate biscuits and cut into quarters. Place cut pieces into bag, seal and shake bag to coat each piece of dough. Shake excess sugar off dough pieces and evenly place into prepared pan.

Repeat above with remaining biscuits. I added about another teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture before tossing the biscuit pieces. 

Turn up heat on sugar/butter mixture on stove. Boil 2-3 minutes, until foamy. Immediately pour over dough.

Place pan in oven and bake for 30 minutes.  When brown, remove from oven and let sit for 10 minutes. Place large plate over top of pan and flip over to remove monkey bread . . . allowing ooey-gooey goodness to roll down the sides of bread.

Rip apart and devour.

Hints & Suggestions:

·        Find the cheapest cans of biscuits you can. They don’t need to look pretty if you’re cutting them into quarters.

·        I used a pretty Bundt pan instead of a boring old tube pan.

·        I added more cinnamon to the sugar before tossing the second batch of cut biscuits because the previous biscuits had removed almost all the cinnamon.

·        If you need to bake longer, then do, but you risk the ‘sauce’ caramelizing and burning in the bottom of the pan.

·        I didn’t have a plate large enough to place over the Bundt pan, so I used a Christmas tray. J

Later, Peeps!



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