Air Conditioning on the Fritz

So yesterday I received a steroid shot in my neck. If you read the blog, then you'll realize I was freaking out a little bit.

But then the doctor walked into the room. He wore a crazy Aloha cover-up instead of scrubs. And then we (doc, hubs and I) started chatting a bit. Somehow the conversation worked it's way around to our going to Disney World next month. AFTER he proceeded to give me the 'lecture' about not riding the rollercoasters, he also gave us the names of some restaurants, since he'd just returned from Orlando.

I really like this doc. He has a warm and easy way about him. He has to lecture me about the rides, BUT he also knew from my reaction that I was going to ride them anyway, so he offered some suggestions about how to keep my neck stable throughout the ride.

He's a good guy.

It helped that the doc had had a few of these shots himself, along with giving them. He described what was going to happen and some of the possible side effects.

I don't know about you, but this was what really put my mind at ease . . . that and the happy juice they injected me with prior to inserting the catheter to inject the steroid. Now the meds could take 7-10 days to kick in, which is pretty good timing . . . pre-vacation, yanno. 

I was out of there in less than a minute after the injection.

If you are told that you need a steroidal spinal injection, and you have access to modern technology, don't get your panties in a wad like I did. It's easy-peasy.

Anyway, we get home and I'm cold, so I move the thermostat up to 78 degrees from 74 degrees. A couple hours later, I turn it down to cool off the room because our fur-beast sleeps in there at night.

Even with a haircut, Maggie still gets very hot.

The temp doesn't change. The AC isn't blowing hot air, but it certainly isn't blowing cold air either!

All I can say is thank goodness this summer has been unusually cool and not the 110 degrees of the previous summers!

It dropped to 76 this AM, but I'll need to call the air conditioning guys to set up an appointment.

My only fear is that we'll need to replace the unit--it's almost 18 years old. Just what we need. That kind of expense along with all the medical ones I'm incurring this year.


My monthly horoscope did mention a huge expense at the end of this month.

Wouldn't you know, this would be the first time it was right!

Later, Peeps


Cynthia D'Alba said...

YIKES on the a/c going out. That's gonna cost ya some $$$. We had to change ours out this year too. But honestly, we had no idea how old it really was. It was here when we bought the house, which was build in 1975. I bet it was at least 18 y/o

To your doctor...the doctor who does my colonscopy is like your guy. Dr. C wears bright Hawaiian shirts for the procedures. Never a white coat. Never scrubs. He's cute and funny and wonderfully nice. I saw him first and hubby was so impressed that he change GI's docs and now goes to Dr. C.

How's the neck feeling today?

Margaret Golla said...

Neck is good. . .
I did walk this morning and I could feel pressure across my upper back and had a tough time breathing deeply. I don't know if it was due to the shot or the 'thick' air. Could have been a mixture of both.

We had to replace one AC a couple years ago. We bought this house new in '95 or '96, so the AC is pretty old. I wouldn't be surprised if we have to replace it. Hoping Freon will tide it over for the summer.

Meg said...

Glad your neck is good.
We had to replace the A/C last year during the summer.
Helps now that we're selling.

Margaret Golla said...

I'm just glad that it didn't go out last summer! I'm loving these upper 80's and low 90's. The warmest the downstairs got was 79 degrees, which was even comfortable for the fuzzy pup.