Plans Must be Modified

How bizarre. When I clipped the radar heavy rain was coming into Tulsa, but the clip seems to be updating . .  .
Trust me, when I wrote this blog, the yellow, orange and red were about to hit my home . . .
When the radar looks like this:
 One hurriedly feeds this:

So it doesn't look like this:

. . . without the soap.

Guess my walkies will be postponed for the morning. Good thing hubs and I walked and talked for 1.5 hours while the kidlet was at swim practice last night . . .

But then again, we came home to sit by the outdoor fireplace and toast marshmallows.

Did you know that shoving a piece of chocolate inside a toasted marshmallow is a 100X better than the traditional smore, where you have to eat the nasty cardboard-tasting graham cracker?

Try it sometime.

Speaking of marshmallows, did you know Campfire marshmallows make a Key Lime and a Lemon Meringue marshmallow? 

Erm, don't try toasting them. Jus' Sayin'.

Neither did I, until I saw a lady in the mop aisle of WalMart and asked her about them. I just wanted to know where to find them, but she proceeded to tell me WHY she bought them---her FIL is a kidney dialysis patient along with being diabetic and the docs only allowed him certain sweets--No, I didn't pry, but she must have had a need to spill her guts.

That's okay. I'm a writer, and a writer never knows when someone might say something to stimulate our thought process . . . like it needs stimulation, but you never know, right?

Well, with my plans mentally rearranged . . . No, AM swim practice as it's outside and they frown upon swimming with thunder and lightening. Go figure!

And no walkies.

I have time to kill while until I go to my Weight Watchers meeting.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll start rereading my next book, DRAGON DAYS OF SUMMER, to catch up on the story before I work on it again.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Plans change and how we adapt.
I love marshmallows! My kid gave me dark chocolate mint ones for Christmas!

Margaret Golla said...

It's a good thing we're adaptable!
We never tried the mint ones. I bet they were good in hot cocoa! I was really surprised at how limey the key limes tasted. . . is limey a word??