Shoulder Update: In case you missed my tweet last night, I tweeted that my shoulder issue is not bursitis, but a cyst. I received a call from my doctor's office after the radiologist examined the x-ray. I will have to go in for an MRI. I've had an MRI before--tiny space, loud clunks and clangs, very claustrophobic. This time I won't take the two Valium I was told to take--talk about being totally loopy for the next 12 hours! They wondered if I was still breathing many times while in the MRI machine!

Last night I was flipping around on my Kindle because my font size looked a little off.

Yeah, yeah, I know, at my advanced age, I should be thinking of making it bigger, not smaller.

It's not like anyone else uses this Kindle. In fact, my kidlet won a Kindle Fire last year in my hub's company's safety contest--the top 12 pictures/slogans are on a calendar. Here's her picture:
This year she drew Scooby Doo and the gang--I think the slogan was, "Safety is no mystery!". We won't find out how she did until later in the year. She's in a new age category now, so the competition is tougher with the older kids.
Anyway, back to my story, I knew there was a text-to-speak option, but I never looked for it. Well, I found it. And for grins I turned it on . . . in the middle of a romantic scene I was reading.

I have never listened to anything funnier in my entire life! Well, I have, so that's an exaggeration! But it was so horribly wrong on many, many levels, with the robotic automation voice speaking in a monologue-tone . . . remember, the 7 AM college chemistry course you had to take because every other time was full? Yeah, that professor.

I won't use this gadget for myself, except maybe to listen to my story on Kindle as I make small changes on my computer.

But this would be wonderful for my mom to use. We gave her a Kindle a few Christmases ago, but since then her vision has gotten so bad that she can't read. Whoops, just discovered a problem. Every time I turn the Kindle off, the text-to-speech disappears. I'll have to figure out how to get Mom to turn it on each time she turns on the Kindle . . . this could be problematic.

I'll figure it out.

But the real question here is, "Will Mom?"

Another gadget that I like, but don't use too often are the gadgets on the right side of my computer monitor. I usually just have a calendar up for quick reference when I need to look for the date or look a head to see what day school starts or whatever.

Just look for Desktop Gadgets.

I like the Countdown Calendar. The biggies are countdown to vacation and countdown to when school either starts or ends.

Though if I ever had a writing deadline, this would be a good gadget to keep my focus!

That's all I have for today, folks! It's errand and Mom day today, so I need to get showered and ready to rumble. No walkies this morning, but maybe tonight after we finish the garden beds.

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

I didn't know about the cyst. Something that can be drained?

I use DragonSpeak to read my work to me for editing. I tried and tried but I simply cannot "see" my mistakes. My mind "inserts" missing words. I MIGHT catch a misspelled word but sometimes the word is totally wrong but my mind plugs in the "right" word. It's a slow way to edit, I know but it's the only way that works for me.

BUT you are so right about love scenes in that robotic voice. BUT since I'm using that voice to edit, the last thing I need to is "enjoy" the scene (if you get what I mean! hee hee)

Margaret Golla said...

I'll have to wait to find out what they see on the MRI, Cyndi.

I miss the same stuff when I edit. I've never tried the voice thing before, but I did play a few pages of my current novel and it does sound better when you speed it up a little.

Meg said...

LOL..I have yet to install my DragonSpeak.
Let us know about the cyst.

Margaret Golla said...

Will do, Meg. Though I hate to say it, I still think the problem is deeper than the shoulder because my right shoulder is having some issues to a lesser extent.

There's been more tingling and numbness than I like moving down my arm and into my fingers.