Two for Tuesday

I took this picture on my Monday morning walk. I'll apologize now for the grainy blurriness, but there is only so much you can do with a camera phone.

. . . and no, this isn't a Bigfoot sighting, though I have wondered if any of them live along my walking routes as there is sometimes an aroma of eau de Pepe le Pew!

Yeah, you're right, it's probably just a real skunk . . . or the hobo who lives in the woods.

Oh . . . hobo isn't technically correct, how about homeless man who rides a gas-powered bike along the 'no motorized vehicles' trail?

Here's the first picture. Can you even see the two birds wading?

 Here's the cropped picture and blown up version, avec graininess.

Okay, I'll let you know what they are since they are virtually impossible to see in my photos--there are two Great Blue Herons in this picture. I was pretty far away when I took this picture, but I could recognize them.

I've been up close and personal with a BB gun in my backyard when one of those buggers tried cleaning out my koi pond! I think my fish are too big. What do you think?

Later, Peeps!

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