Rain and Roses

Last night we got some much needed rain . . . along with thunder and lightning. I don't mind waking up to stormy weather as long as it isn't tornadic. According to our big rain gauge in the backyard, aka swimming pool, we got about an inch of much needed rain. More rain is expected tonight and tomorrow. Too bad it's also supposed to come with an increased chance for tornados along with rain, hail, thunder and lightening.

So to bring a little sunshine to the gloomy day and projected forecast, here are a few pics of my rose babies.

A variety of minis

Rock and Roll floribunda

First Prize floribunda

Julia Child floribunda

Iceberg floribunda

Livin' Easy floribunda (new planting)
Voyager mini
 Moonlight Scentsation mini
I hate to admit it, but I've forgotten many of the names of my mini roses. I could probably figure it out if I looked at them hard enough and thought about it.

If you notice, I don't have any hybrid tea roses or climbers in my collection. I used to have some climbers, but they got a little out of control. Many of their canes would reach 12-15 feet in length and with a 6-foot tall fence, I had to arc the canes and tie them to the fence. This tended to shade the minis. So when the climbers started failing, I replaced them with floribundas. Though First Prize and Iceberg are two of the original foundation roses. I mail ordered them and they were supposed to be climbers, but obviously they weren't.

I like floribundas and minis for the same reasons.
  • They flower profusely all summer.
  • They have their own roots, not grafted like hybrid teas.
  • They tend to me more resistant to black spot and powdery mildew. This doesn't mean they DON"T get these diseases, they do, but just not as much. .  . though I do have a problem with my mini, Chasin' Rainbows. This pic was taken before the black spot went to town on this one.
Next time I'll have to share a picture of black spot -- I just went out to take a picture of the black spot, but the heavy rain washed the leaves from the plant. That's what black spot does. The mold basically, kills the leaves and sometimes the rosebush.
Here's a Google image of black spot.
I need to get out today and start deadheading. This helps the plant to make new buds instead of trying to set rosehips (basically the 'fruit' of the plant). Minis are easy to dead head, just pinch them off with your fingers, thus the term "green thumb" comes into play.
Well, it looks like I have some yard work to take care of . . . after I take my mom to the beauty shop and go on my walkies!
Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

What a beautiful yard! Want to come help me with mine? :-)

Margaret Golla said...

I can suggest plants, but I don't do the digging--the hubs does that.

AND if you tick me off, I can innocently suggest a plant that will soon repopulate all your other plants! *bwahaha*

In other words, stay away from "self-sowing" or 'self-propagating', easy keeper (which means hard to kill!), and bamboo in any form. A couple of plants to stay away from--cinnamon fern, mallow, golden sedum.