Post Mom's Day Lagniappe

I hope every mom out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. Yes, this includes the moms to furbabies, too.

I have to admit that I was seriously spoiled this last weekend, starting with Friday night. Well, I did make the parts of the pizza (dough and sauce), but the hubs put it together for a Meatsa-meatsa type of pizza! We watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It was actually more interesting than I expected. The historical facts kept this story grounded and Abe could wield a mean axe! After the movie we headed to the hot tub with a bottle of my hub's homemade bubbly.

It was very relaxing, especially since my left shoulder has been giving me fits lately.

On Saturday while I went on my walk, the hubs and kidlet started cleaning the house. It was very nice not to have to help, but I did feel a little out of sorts during this process. I managed to do a couple loads of laundry to waylay my guilt. Then we went out to do a little plant shopping. First stop was Lowes as we needed a few other items to repair the grill and toilet. As we were wandering around in the garden area, the sky opened up and we had a huge 10 minute deluge of rain.

Yes, we got wet.

Then we went to Southwoods Garden center. I had purchased a couple of flats of annuals, but I didn't have near enough flowers for the pots on the porch along with the front garden beds. While we were shopping there--the skies opened up and we were deluged again for about five minutes. Then the sun came out. By this time it was late afternoon, and we had reservations at my favorite steakhouse, Flemings, for 6:15, which meant once we got the plants home, we needed to get cleaned up for dinner.

After a wonderful steak dinner . . . I don't remember what we did later in the evening. This might have something to do with the bottle of wine consumed during dinner . . .

Ah, Sunday, Mother's Day. Mother's day started off with banana pancakes and prezzies!. My kidlet made me a homemade doodad, and hubs bought me a set of Temp-Tations bakeware. I had seen an infomercial and wanted this product--they are purty and cobalt blue to accent my kitchen. Love. love. love.

Now to try out some of the recipes when we are actually able to spend dinners together as a family!

We took it easy in the morning and headed to my brother's house after we delivered my Sea Salt Caramels to my MIL--the hubs had gone to his Mom's house to fix her rock bubbler on Saturday and he's planning to help her drain her small pond and clean it for her. I had a box for my mom and an extra one for my bro's wife as a hostess gift . . . FYI: she doesn't plan to share them. A nice meal and nice company, but we had to skedaddle to take care of some yard chores . . . yes, I pretty much just watched hubs mow the lawn, trim the bushes, plant four flats of verbena, etc. We finished in time to catch Survivor--we had DVR'd enough to watch it commercial-free for about 1.5 hours!

All in all, Mom's day was wonderful. This year we weren't able to go to Silver Dollar City like we have in the past--yes, I've become a rollercoaster fiend!--but it was worth it.

I hope y'all remembered your mom this year.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

A little late--Happy Mother's Day!

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meg!