My Hubby's Personal Heater

Today's word of the day is weird. How many times do I use weird in my blog?

 . . . er, far too many times.

This has been a very weird spring.
  • Detectable snow in May.
  • Wearing a winter coat in May.
  • Keeping the heater on . . . in May.
But now it's going to another weird time of year. We need the AC on upstairs at night because of the residual heat from a sunny, hot day makes it difficult to sleep, but you have to turn the heat on downstairs in the morning to take the chill off. Totally weird, huh?

Plus I need the AC on at night due to the fact that I tend to generate so much heat when I sleep that I CAN'T sleep. This happened last night. Many times the hubs would be working on bills and come to bed after I'm asleep. He slowly creeps next to me to warm up. I used to wake up during this process, but after 21 years of marriage, I sleep right through it!

I totally understand how someone can combust in their sleep.

Now this heat at night is weird--notice everything is weird today??--because I'm generally freezing during the day. I've been known to sit in the sun just to warm up. I take a light jacket to most restaurants. And I use my frigid fingers or nose as a torture device on my loved ones!

So what's up?

Of course, I Googled it.

Hm, according to Google and Wikipedia, I might consider having my thyroid checked. You would have thought as a former Medical Technologist this would have been in my arsenal of now-useless information floating around in my brainpan. But no, out of the MT business for seven years or more, one does tend to forget what one doesn't use. Many of my symptoms and the time of the year cause this issue, but it doesn't explain why I generate so much heat after I'm asleep.

I guess I need to get my blood tested sometime to see if this is the problem. It isn't drastic, just weird. But I am getting up there in the age department, and who knows what other weird stuff is happening in situ.

Something to ponder when I run my numerous errands today . . . or is that just weird?

Later, Peeps!

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