Crazy Week

This last week was cra-zy!

Not only did I expect some of it--the kidlet had half-day school with two finals every day, but a few unexpected things happened--the Shawnee, Newcastle and Moore tornadoes.

As I mentioned to my online writer's group, "We prepare for the worst. Pray for the best. And if all else fails, you bend over and kiss your a$$ good-bye." 

Sometimes it is simply out of our control.

But I love Oklahoma and the way Oklahomans know how to offer help and support for people we don't even know, simply because we all know it could have been any one of us in the same situation.

In a weird domino effect, one small thing can trigger events that are far-reaching, which is what is happening today and tomorrow. One of them was out of my control and, to that end, I will be on Mom-duty today taking her to the doctor.

On the other side of the spectrum, the hubs scored two tickets to the Taylor Swift concert . . . in Dallas.

Only two, not three.

I'm not going.

The hubs and kidlet will be spending quality Daddy-Daughter time together in the car and at the concert. Hubs wanted me to go with them, even suggesting I go 'shopping'.

Ri-ight . . . what is this thing you speak of? Shop-ping?

I don't shop. When I need something I go out and buy it. I don't spend hours looking at stuff I don't need or want.

I don't drive in strange cities.

And I don't drive at night.

Three for three strikes and I'm out! I guess I could sit in the car for 5 hours while they are enjoying the ticket perks. . . . nah, like that's gonna happen!

I'll be at home--worrying.

And hopefully, writing. Before the swim meet this last weekend, I finally figured out how to send a document to my Kindle. I began reviewing DRAGON so I could finish writing the story.

And I have to say, it's a pretty good story!

And I need to jot down the basic picture book story of, PIPER AND THE EVERBERRY SOCCER GAME. Tentative title, yanno. And start working on the pacing and wording. Right now, I have the 'black moment' at the beginning of the story and it simply won't do!

And I need to make sure the kidlet's swim camp stuff is packed and ready to go for Monday when we take her to camp.

There is always house cleaning and yard work to do.

Originally, I was going to take pictures of my roses and post them today, but if the weather wasn't gloomy, it was rainy or the lawn needed mown, or whatever. Now, the roses need to be deadheaded.

If it's not one thing, it's another.

But that's what makes life interesting and challenging.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Aw, Margaret! If I still lived near Dallas you could have come to see ME!
I know the hubster and kidlet will have a blast.

Margaret Golla said...

I thought about you, Meg! Bummer, but everything happens for a reason. They'll have fun, and I . . . will work on my suntan. ;-P