Weighty Wednesday -- Sabotage!

We hear it all the time.

So-and-so sabotaged my weight loss efforts by ________ (fill in the blank with name).


You're going to blame someone else for making you eat that _________ (fill in the blank with food item).

It's time to get real here. Unless you happen to be a duck or goose living on a foie gras farm, no one is force feeding you anything.

It all comes down to you sabotaging your weight loss efforts, but wanting to play the blame game.

Yes, I'm still fighting this last two pounds over my Goal Weight. I have to say these surges of cold weather aren't helping any. Who wants to walk in the cold, wind, and rain? Yes, I did yesterday, and today, I'm paying the price.

Who wants to grill in 30 degree weather? Yes, I know people do, but really??
Cold weather inspires comfort food. And comfort food tends to be in the form of something warm, calorie heavy and fattening.

Anyway, I wondered what happened? What triggered this downward spiral that resulted in my weight gain? Discovering this trigger wasn't going to make it UN-happen, but it might prevent me from falling into this abyss again.

It took me awhile, but it was a simple email conversation with a writer friend.

ME (elated): I don't know what's going on, but I'm still dropping weight!

HER (concerned): You might want to go to the doctor to see if something's wrong.

ME (now worried): Maybe I should . . .

And that, my friends, was the start. I wasn't getting dangerously thin. I wasn't even in the middle of the weight range for my height, but I allowed this comment to mess with my psyche. I began adding back flour, sugar, and fried stuffs into my diet, which in turn made me gain weight, plus it has the added addiction of the flour, sugar, and fried stuffs that I need to purge from my diet again.

All it took was one comment for me to trip and fall. It wasn't intentional sabotage. Just like a friend wanting to eat lunch with you and choosing the one restaurant you have no will power. Or the kidlet wanting to go to a fast food restaurant. Or the  . . . .

Whatever. You get my point.

Who is really the one person that sabotaged you?

You are.

We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Now that I know what triggered this downward spiral, I can focus on my goals.

Yes, I have to cut many, many things from my diet.

Yes, it will be difficult to go through the sugar withdrawal again, but I have a goal in mind.

I have focus . . . now, to find the will power.

Later, Peeps!

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