Weighty Wednesday -- Back to Square One

Sort of, but not really. Mentally, yes, I was back to square one.

Weight-wise, it isn't as bad as it was when I joined WW, but I have managed to lazy my way back into poor habits.

And how do we nip those naughty habits?

By going back to what works, and what worked for me in the beginning of this journey was focused tracking, measuring and weighing.

I knew I was heading down this slippery slope for about a couple of months now, but I hadn't reached the point of no return. . .  until I binged on my Easter candy. Last Sunday, was the last straw when I managed to eat two monstrous bagels from Panera Bread, not just bagels, but cinnamon crunch ones with lots of honey-walnut cream cheese. And then, I topped it off by enjoying my homemade heart attack pizza, which is loaded with all sorts of processed meats and cheeses.

No, none of this was 'fat-free'.

And I enjoyed every single bite of it . . . until I weighted myself before going to bed.

If you want to scare yourself straight weigh yourself prior to going to bed, AFTER a sodium-, carbo-loading day. Talk about a weight gain! Oy!

I managed to gain 7 pounds over my goal weight!


On Monday, I weighted, measured, and tracked.

And discovered that I wasn't eating ENOUGH food.

Yes, you read that right. I wasn't eating enough . . . of the right kinds of food. I had to scramble at 8 PM to eat the last 8 points of my allotted 26 WW points (I changed my tracking option to weight loss mode).

On, Tuesday, I had to scramble to eat 4 extra points.

Which means, I was getting a handle again on spreading my points throughout the day AND marking my healthy check boxes.

And yes, I was stuffed both days.

And yes, I amped up my walking pace for both days (cold days had made me slower).

And I weighed myself this morning.

I was only 1.8 pounds over my goal weight of 132 pounds, instead of 7 pounds. Yes, I know most of what I gained was water weight due to elevated sodium and the bread carbs, but it's too easy to get into bad habits and I had to do something about it. This week, I'll continue tracking, weighing and measuring my food and go to my Tuesday meeting to weigh-in.

Oh, and I didn't NOT eat carbs or 'bad' food on Monday or Tuesday. On Monday, I had a hotdog {8 points--Hebrew National bun length hotdog (5) and bun (3)}, and on Tuesday, I ate a cheeseburger {13 points--cheese slice (2), frozen hamburger (8), and bun (3)}. These points were calculated directly off the nutritional information provided on the packages.

It can be done.

In just two days, I also realized that I tend to have 'binge' days along with 'not enough food' days. This was an interesting discovery. When I 'binged', it usually was a carb-loaded day, not a food-loaded day.

Does that make sense?

Carbs, in general, calculate out to huge amounts of points. It's very, very easy to go over your daily points and into your weekly points without eating, and enjoying, anything 'bad'.

Everything you put into your mouth is a CHOICE. Sometimes we choose to eat unhealthy, but we have to face the consequences of our actions, usually in the form of a weight gain.

It's okay to have a day like that, but the key is to face up to what happened and focus on the now. Odds are you won't suffer any lasting damage from the one day.

Food for thought.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Thanks, Margaret!

Margaret Golla said...

This was my reality check. ;-P plus I want to get into my bikini again this year! . . . no, it's not for public viewing, but to limit my tan lines.