Blog Hopping or Email?

Blog hopping is one of the biggest time wasters out there, other than Farmville, Cafe World, or a gazillion other games you can play on Facebook.

Years ago, I used to blog hop. There were tons of authors, agents, editors who blogged and I wanted to read what they had to say . . . until I realized that I spent over three hours just reading blogs. That was three hours of my writing time, my family time, my LIFE gone poof! .

On a side note: many of those blogs have shut down simply because writing a blog, with new material, is time consuming. You probably think I can spew this stuff for my blog in a manner of minutes. Sorry, but sometimes it takes an hour, depending on interruptions, how quickly I find info on the Internet, and how cranky my phone is downloading pictures.

It became simply too much. So many, many blogs went by way of Farmville, Cafe World, Roller Coaster World and Castleville, and I deleted them. Remember this was a few years ago.

I happily gained back much of my life and tootled around on the Internet only when I wanted to, and then I discovered I could save even more time by subscribing to a blog.

What does this mean?

Instead of going to a blog, where the activity is sporadic, the blog comes to my email when there is a new post!

Wowers! I love this!

Another instant time saver---think about it. Even though the blogs I read are bookmarked, I still have to pull down my favorites tab, then the blog tab to find the blog I want to visit. That's three clicks to go someplace where there might or might not be new material.

And then when there isn't new material or a glog (group blog) has a writer I'm not terribly interested in reading, then that's time wasted.

The point of this blog is to put yourself on my blog's email list. . . . if you're worried that I'll sell your email or spam you with buy my book, fo'get about it!

RSS feeds have been available for years and I just discovered them. Do you really think I know how to gather email addresses from my own blog??

Alas, I have no clue.

And I must say that I'm happy living in Margaret land, 'cause there are faeries, gnomes, and especially dragons keeping me company!

Later, Peeps!

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