Why Dinosaurs are Extinct

Here is Maggie.

Maggie is an almost three-year-old, unassuming Old English Sheepdog. Happy with life, a butt wiggler since she has no tail, i.e. bobtail.

Here is an innocent purple dinosaur, unaware of what is about to happen. Notice the tag. The tag reads, "with chew guard technology". *snort* See the top of Maggie's head behind the dino head? Yes, she was eagerly waiting to rend the critter into pieces.

Narf, num-num-num.

In less than three minutes, a breach has happened.

Ten minutes later, the annoying squeaker has been located and removed.

Over the next few hours, guts have been removed through the tiny back hole. Also stuffing from two of its legs. Yes, those are two different pictures.

I don't think the dinosaur tasted as good as the dragon did.

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

This is SO funny! I can identify with this. My old dobe used to do this! Our current pups like to squeak but don't pull them out.

Margaret Golla said...

Maggie pulls the squeak out--to eat. I usually get it out of her mouth prior to swallowing, but it's nice to know her intestinal tract works correctly . . .