Easter Weekend

While I love decorating the house for Christmas--let  me qualify this statement--I love decorating a couple rooms for Christmas, not the whole house. But I've never been much of an Easter decorator--not even coloring eggs. I mean who wants to have a dozen or so eggs in the fridge? Besides the color leached into the egg white and makes it look really disgusting when you finally crack them open to eat.

A few decades ago, I made a family of cute ceramic bunnies that I still bring out for a few days. (Oh, notice the Disney pics--my daughter is now taller than I am. We need a Tower of Terror pic that reflects the change .  .  . Jus' sayin').

And then one of the ladies I worked for made Bunny baskets. Mine's the green one. The kidlet has the purple one. . . .hubs doesn't have one. :-( Since Maryann has moved back to the NE, I need to figure out how to crochet one of these things, or simply replace the wire that broke in the ears!

I think part of this non-bunny Easter thing has to do with my 1) laziness, 2) confusion over the reason for the season.

But this doesn't stop me from buying way too much Easter candy for three people. Is it really my fault that most candy comes in a package of 6??? And there is actually one DVD and a fuzzy ducky in that group of nummies.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday, Peeps!


Meg said...

I use linens to decorate these days since there are no kids that come.
I'm happy to see you do the baskets. I used to love buying the stuff. I love Peeps--thought I still had the socks with Peeps on the ankles.
Happy Easter to you all!
He is risen!

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meg!