Where in the World was Margaret?

Years ago there was a show called Where in the World is Carmen Santiago?

I don't remember if Carmen was a spy or thief, good or bad, but she would leave clues for these junior sleuths to follow to track her down. She usually escaped with the goodies, so I gues she was technically a thief. She wore a red overcoat and hat, never showing her face.

This last week was Spring Break.

I wasn't here blogging my little heart out. Sorry.

Here's clue #1:
Clue #2:
Clue #3:
Okay, I will confess that these pictures are from two years ago, because today I'm experiencing the joy of returning through clue #1.

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...


Breckenridge or Vail?

Margaret Golla said...

Colorado--Keystone, to be specific, though we skied Vail one day. I'll be posting my skiing adventures/insights this next week.