Weighty Wednesday -- A Few Things

1) With the time change, I've started walking twice-a-day a few days a week. Actually, it was supposed to be four days a week, but I don't want to overdo it. I've been taking it slow and walking four times around the path behind the middle school, which encompasses a football field, a baseball field, a park area, and a small basketball area. One loop around is about 0.85 mile, maybe a little more. I do know they have it posted that you have to walk a little more than one lap to reach a mile.

Anyway, I'm exhausted!

I love walking. I love walking in the evening. But I love walking with my hubs in the evening even more. Hear that hubs?? Quit working so late and come home to walk with your woman!

Thursday night I was saved because the school is finally fixing the asphalt trail. The last two summers have been brutally hot, cracking the asphalt so deeply that you could almost see through to the magma layer of earth! Most of the track had been torn up, leaving an uneven gravel path. I walked it once and threw in the towel. I was tired and I didn't want to hurt myself.

 2) I purchased a couple of 'single serving' items recently-- peanut butter and hummus.

Now, we all know that these items are more expensive than buying a jar of whatever, but sometimes you have to take the financial hit to get a handle on serving size. Both of these are 2 oz., roughly 1/4 cup of product. One is worth 4 Weight Watcher's Points, one is 7 WWP. It's easy to guess which is which, and I'm not here to tell you which one I think is the 'healthier' of the pair. The key is AWARENESS. I'm also using this as a learning tool for my daughter. Unless you start measuring and being aware of an appropriate size and how many calories/carbs it is, then you will start eating out of the jar with a spoon . . . like I did. Learn this portion control lesson when you are younger, then you might not have a weight issue when you are older.

Notice I didn't say you won't have a weight issue? Too many factors go into the equation, but sometimes it's better to take the financial hit.

Personally, I like the hummus with baby carrots. It's 4 points, but I really like it. :-)

3) Remember that if you increase your exercise, but don't change your eating habits you might see an increase or a plateau with your weight. Don't 'fess yourself. This is perfectly natural. The key is to maintain the same level of eating while you increase your activity, and eventually you will see your weight decrease. If you don't see some change in a week, then concentrate on your diet. Make sure you eat ENOUGH food. Many times, believe it or not, we decrease our intake so much that our bodies think we are in starvation mode. And also make sure you are eating enough of the RIGHT kind of food. In other words, cut out the refined sugars and flours, and measure/weight you food as our eyes tend to see more than we should eat.

4) If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and have a rare day of sunshine, then go out and enjoy it. The sun is so weak at this point that you don't need suntan lotion, but you can be burned if you have sensitive skin or you stay out too long. Just soak up that Vitamin D--it's good for you!

5) Remember to change out your walking shoes before they look like this:

That's all I have for today.

Later, Peeps!

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