Water Polo

My entire knowledge of water polo is based on the three minutes that is shown every four years at the Olympics. I don't know much about it, but I do know my kidlet has come home more exhausted than when she swims for the entire practice.

It's a good thing!

Now that short course season is over and spring break is next week, the coaches give the kids a break from their drills to 'play'. Yeah, that's what it is, playing.

Coach Tony is working them hard: treading water, handling a ball one-handed, swimming with ball, and trying to play 'keepaway' at the same time. His whistle chirps and tweets in a variety of patterns, telling the kids what to do. I have to admit that this is the quietest the pool has ever been!

Oh, all without goggles. It's illegal to wear goggles. Don't know why, but I guess it's a) dangerous, or b) gives an advantage.

It's also illegal to handle the ball with two hands. Kids with bigger hands have a bit of an advantage.

I know there are a ton of rules, but it's kind of fun watching the kidlet try to cheat when they put her in shallower water. I think one foot is allowed, but not two.

Short and sweet, busy day today.

Later, Peeps!

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