Skiing in Colorado

For the first time in two years, we went skiing. We missed last year because we decided to put the kidlet in private school and needed to save the $$$.

This year, Keystone had a deal for Spring Break--kids ski free. Awesome blossom!

Me and hubs at The Outpost for short break
So we planned to cook our meals in, instead of eating out. And if you do plan to eat out at a ski resort, there usually isn't much to pick from--everything is expensive, including the pizza--$25 for a large pepperoni. . . we just bought a large pepperoni two nights ago from Papa Murphy's $7 with a coupon.

We've driven to Keystone a gazillion times and didn't bother with a map. Heck, we have Regan our GPS system and my mah-valous memory for rest areas to time our bathroom breaks.

This year we decided to make sandwiches and eat in the car while driving to save some time. They were serious sandwiches: ciabatta bread, my cheese spread, ham, pastrami, Genoa salami, provolone, and pepperoni. Coat both sides of the bread with the cheese spread and the bread won't go soggy. True, ciabatta doesn't usually go soggy, but the extra sandwiches were still good when we drove home five days later.

We had another bit of luck when we drove into Kansas. Some time during the past two years, Kansas had increased their speed limit on their interstate highways to 75 mph. Wowzers! This was wonderful!

So with the kidlet ensconced in the backseat--she made a bed back there--with her cell phone, Kindle Fire AND a DVD player, along with a must-have--headphones, we happily listened to 'oldies' on the radio/CD's and chatted . . . for 12 hours.

Denver traffic wasn't too bad for a Sunday afternoon, but as soon as we got into the mountains it started to snow.

This was a taste of what was to come . . . not your normal spring break skiing where you open your coat because it's too warm or getting a ski tan with white around your eyes from wearing sunglasses. Oh, no, I think we only saw the sun for about two hours this entire trip.

Before checking into the condo, we hit the grocery store--along with the rest of the spring breakers and stocked up on the perishables I didn't want to pack. The condo was in the River Run side of the mountain. The view of the slopes was wonderful.

And we had the largest bed I've ever seen in a condo-sized bedroom--it was a king-sized bed with barely enough room to walk around it. Plus it had a goose down comforter under the bottom sheet--so soft and warm.

That's it for today. I'll have to tell you about the skiing tomorrow, since I need to get back into my walking routine again.

Too bad we brought the cold with us when we returned, but at least I'll see the sun today.

Later, Peeps! . . . oh, and dont' forget to buy your Easter peeps! *snort*

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