Oklahoma Age Group Shoutout to

Swim Tulsa placed second out of all the teams at the Oklahoma Age Group Short Course Swim Meet.
My kidlet didn't final in any of the events she qualified for, but did help her team to place 3rd in the 400 Freestyle Relay.
I couldn't begin to tell you who all the kids are, because this is like a throwback to when she was a toddler at daycare . . . those kids all looked alike, too! Put everyone in the cobalt blue suits and the same swim caps, *BAM* you can't tell them apart!
My kidlet is on the diving board, behind the two little boys with black swim trunks on, and slightly to the right and in front of the of the strawberry blond boy wearing a white shirt.
That's it for today, my friends. My kidlet kindly gave me her cold. On Sunday, she was going through tissues like she was eating Pez's. I have one must-do chore today, but then, I'm back home to wallow in my misery.
Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

I spotted her without help. I'm so proud of the kidlet.
She is awesome.

Marilyn said...

Reminds me of waiting on the dock for Bob's ship to berth many, many years ago. It's really hard to pick one sailor out of hundreds all wearing the same uniforms and hats. :)

Congrats to the kidlet and her buddies!

Marilyn said...
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Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meg and Marilyn!