Five Years of Blogging

Wow! I have been at this blogging thing for almost 5 FIVE years! Hard to believe, isn't it?

When I started blogging in 2008, I talked about writing stuff. Then I realized that there are far more, better equipped, people who have taken on this topic. So the writing blogs are whenever I feel like it, or I hit a point in my story I want to chat about, or various other writing topics that get my goat . . . not my literal goat, well, maybe a 'literal' goat, because I'm going to be writing a chapter that involves 'goatee's' or kids if you will. I like baby goats, but as every writer knows you have to kill your babies . . .

Sorry, I digressed. Personally, I think I was funnier in my older blogs, but I'm just a crotchety old woman now.

I tried to blog three days a week, but I would hit a wall about what to blog about. Then I came up with the topical blogs--Weighty Wednesday and Foodie Friday. I still have enough blather for the WW blogs, mainly because of the constant challenge that is the focus in my life. But the FF has fallen by the wayside simply because my daughter swims four days a week, during what would be considered dinner time. Periodically, I'll post a recipe, but most of the recipes I do make are the ones that I've already posted.

So when 2013 started, I decided not to worry about blogs and just write what I feel when I wake up in the morning.

--and so far, it seems to work. I think I only pre-wrote one blog since Jan. 1, and that one had pictures that I needed to incorporate. And I believe I have blogged at least five days a week, as I still try not to blog on the weekends.

And I managed to blog about bloggetry, not Daylight Saving Time--which has totally messed me up this year! Couldn't sleep at all last night. The only benefit to it being lighter later in the evening is the fact that I can now walk while the kidlet is swimming and not crochet. Besides my knuckle needs to un-bruise where I managed to pummel it with my crochet hook on the last afghan.

And I managed not to talk about blatant self promotion--I made the mistake of joining a group--which I'll soon leave--called Coffee Time BookLovers--It should be called Coffee Time Book Pimpers. I totally understand the need to promote your self-published books, but you are pimping to other pimps. These types of groups aren't reaching to readers. It's full of other writers who don't care about your '50 shades of grey' mixed with a Desperate Housewife book, just trying to get other people to buy their story. The problem with self-promotion is the audience. Finding readers to promote to is tough, and finding readers who actually want to listen to your self promo are basically non-existent. I've stopped reading numerous blogs because that is all they do--book promotions. BORING!

And I managed not to talk about Fishy--yes, he needs a name. Fishy is a black and blue fish--cichlid, I think--that hubs brought home from work. The only time this fish comes out of his hidey-hole is when I feed him. This morning, I turned on the light and Fishy was out and about. Of course, he eventually hid, but I hope he'll start coming out more. It's been 3 months that he's lived on my kitchen counter, you would think he would have adjusted already.

Well, I killed enough time this morning blogging. It's time to feed the dog, feed the kid, and drive the kidlet to school before I go on my walkies.

Later, Peeps!

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