Cozy Classic Afghan

I finished this afghan two days ago. . . and I will never make this one again unless serious amounts of booze or money are thrown at me.

Don't get me wrong though. The pattern wasn't difficult; it was tedious and mind-numbingly boring. Plus I had to make twelve strips versus the seven strips of the other patterns.

Not to mention I managed to bruise the first knuckle of my middle finger on my left hand, while working on the long crossover stitches. It took me days to figure out what I had done to cause all the swelling.
Cozy Classic in sage green with frosty green edging

Close up of pattern
I'll be packing it up and mailing this last Christmas present to my brother.

Yes, I have another pile of yarn to begin another afghan. This one will be for Brenda Novak's For the Cure auction, but for now, I will rest, read and write. Besides with the time change this weekend, I'll be walking while my daughter is at swim practice, not crocheting.

Later, Peeps.

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Meg said...

It is beautiful!