Zombies . . . Again


We finally got around to seeing Warm Bodies yesterday. It was a good movie, a little slow at times, but a sweet love story . . . after you get over the fact that the hero is a zombie and ate the brains of his love interest's boyfriend.

There were some chuckle moments, mostly due to the droll writing and narrative of the main character played by Nicholas Hoult--I have to say that I can't wait until Jack The Giant Slayer comes out, as this actor is Jack. He has a very impressive list of credits for a young man (22), with many movies in pre- or post-production.

Back to the movie, I'm not much of a zombie person, but I liked this one. Maybe it was due to the hubs playing Zombie U so much that it's allowed me to get past the fact that they are walking corpses. In fact, many scenes were computer generated that I felt I was in the middle of the hubs video game!

Because this movie was classed with horror movies, we were treated to some very creepy movie previews that I have no intention of listing here.

I don't DO horror. Comedic horror, yes. Scary horror, no.

Anyhoo, one of the previews was . . . interesting. So interesting that the hubs had a look of total confusion on his face, as there were fast, creepy people building bridges with their bodies to get to the other people. The movie was called World War Z, hubs still looked confused, so I had to whisper, "Zombie movie." Maybe it was because the graphics of the movie logo that it was difficult to see the Z. This movie looks to be different in the fact that zombies move like the 'bonies' in Warm Bodies--super fast. Oh, yeah, it has Brad Pitt in it, so if you're a fan of his you might want to put it on your calendar.

After we get out of the movie, hubs asked me, "Why didn't you start writing about zombies a few years ago. You could be making lots of money by now."

I simply gave him the "look".

I don't write zombies. I don't get the zombie thing. I might enjoy the occasional zombie movie, but I don't write zombies.

It's not my 'thang'.

I have all day to write today, well, with the exception of walking, going to the store, picking up the kidlet from school, and eventually taking her to swim. I need to get some serious wordage on the paper today, so. . .

Later, Peeps!

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