So I wonder which one I'll chit-chat about today:

A) Spinning a good yarn, i.e. telling a good tale.

B) Yarn the material used in knitting or crocheting. Originally spun from wool, but now made from synthetic fibers.

Hm, A or B? A or B?

Actually, I thought about B, but if I have time I might touch on A.

Today, the topic is yarn, the material. And as any good blog reader wonders, "What's up with that?"

Here's the dealio. I finished making the Angels All Around afghan and mailed it to my brother--hopefully this bro will think to send me an email to let me know it arrived safely--*hint, hint*--and yes, this is a sore subject on many levels.

Anyhoo, the yarn brand I usually buy from Hobby Lobby--I Love this Yarn--was cleaned out. Though I did find six skeins (I had an extra one already) of the same lot number of Ivory to make another Angels All Around for Brenda Novak's For the Cure auction in May. But they didn't have enough skeins of a light and dark color to make a different afghan called, Comfy Cozy.
1 of 12 strips, dark sage green
Red Heart had two colors that would work, plus it was a dollar less per skein. I chose dark sage for the centers of the strips and light sage for the borders. The strips are narrower than the other patterns, but I have to make more of them.

While crocheting the first strip, I wasn't paying attention to the texture since hubs and I were catching up on Arrow, and I was learning a new pattern. I started crocheting the second strip while watching the kidlet at swim practice. That was when I started to pay attention to the texture. Maybe it was just the heat and humidity in the natatorium, but I really don't care for the texture of this brand--it's coarse to work with and doesn't slide through my fingers as easily. *blech*

Oh, I'll finish this afghan, and the colors will look very pretty, especially if my other bro has brown leather furniture, but I hope the yarn becomes easier to work with.

We shall see. I'll discuss spinning a good tale vs. diagramming sentence structure at a later date.
Won't that be special?

Later, Peeps!

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