Weighty Wednesday -- One Good Pair of Shoes

I'm still cruising along on with my weigh revolving around my + /- 2 pound goal range. I wish I could get it below and stay there, but I'm not really motivated in this weather.

Which means I'm good keeping on right now. When summer comes around, look out!

Today, I'm going to talk about your walking shoes. More accurately, MY walking shoes. And the need to replace said walking shoes before you end up having aching joints.

Okay, true confessions here. I knew I needed new shoes around Christmas, but I kept forgetting to order them. Well, actually, hubs orders them on his Amazon Prime account, so I kept forgetting to tell him to order me a pair.

In January, you might recall that I complained about hip pain. I assumed (And we ALL know what ass--u--me means, right??) it was due to the weather or my age.


It was due to my shoes being so worn that my body's joints had to move incorrectly to make up for the deficit in my shoe support area.

I had worn the bottom of my shoes so much that there was zero support on the outside of the balls of my feet.

This shoe has about 7 month's worth of miles on it. I calculated that to be around 700 miles.
This shoe is only four days old with about 20 miles.

Now we all know why I have hip pain, which has turned into jaw pain.

Do yourself a favor and buy new shoes before your shoes get to the point of wearing out the foam.

That's my public service announcement for the day.

Later, peeps!

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