Weighty Wednesday -- Carrying On

I didn't make it to my WW meeting this week, but I did weigh at home. I barely made my weight goal . . . it's a good thing I didn't have to weigh with clothes on!

I'm finding this time of year to be tough to stay on course. I don't know if it's the up/down weather we're having or what, but I'm not 100% back in the game yet. I'll get there. It just takes focus.

This week I'm doubling my efforts to drink more water. This means I'm having to add a flavoring to my afternoon drink. I don't use one Crystal Light packet for one bottle of water--2 cups--, I usually fill my aluminum bottle--3 cups--with water and add a packet. It's a little more dilute, but it still works! I should have realized H2O was a problem when my fingernails started chipping and peeling. I had to cut them down to their nubbins. I HATE having them this short, but it's the only way to stop them from tearing.

I'm also having a tough time getting all my fruits and veggies in. I'll have to make a concentrated effort to get those in daily.

The reason I post about my weight loss trials and travails is partly to give others encouragement  that everyone goes through tough times along their journey, and partly to force myself to be accountable for my foodie actions.

That said, here's a little story for you:

I let the dog out last night while I was watching Face Off on Syfy channel--for those who've never seen it, it's Project Runway for make up artists. Last night's challenge was making a candy monster. It was a fun show. Many of the characters were fascinating, while the bad ones were really bad.

Anyway, the dog usually goes out, does her biz and comes back to the door. I started to wonder what was taking her so long. I go to the door and called her--nothing. Now, I'm worried she managed to get out of the yard--tough to do since we keep our gates locked.

But still, moms worry about stuff like this.

So I got a flashlight and wandered into the back yard. Maggie--the dog-- was sitting near my rose bushes that line the fence, staring up at the top of the fence.


I called the kidlet out to look at nature in the city. She came back with her phone and took a couple of pictures. This explains why the dog has been so excited about parts of the yard lately. She probably smells the opossum crossing through, but this is the first time she saw it!

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

wildlife smells drive my dogs WILD. We have some deer sleeping in our backyard right now. They are DYING to get out there. :) When we're walking, I have to pay attention to what they are doing. They are likely to charge off after something they smell.

Them possums are MEAN.

Margaret Golla said...

To tell you the truth, I'm surprised the little bugger wasn't hissing at us. Them critters have a mouthfull of pointy little teeth!