Sorry, No Foodie Friday Today

Instead, I'm bringing you Prepackaged Foodie From the Store day!


Yeah, I'm still being teased by the hubs for buying a bottle of Bertolli's Alfredo sauce last week.

Yes, I bought it, so what??

Sometimes we have to resort to this sort of pre-packaged stuff.
She has to eat between 4:30 and 5 PM, unless we want her to throw up in the pool. Personally, I don't want to see that. And I'm not about to feed her a meal at 8 PM at night, right before she goes to bed!

It will only be until the kidlet hits the age of 13 and advances to Gold team. Gold team practices are from 4:15-6:15. Then I'll be able to drop the kidlet off at swim, go home and actually COOK dinner. Hubs can pick her up on his way home from work since it's now a straight three mile shot down 61st street, and we can actually eat dinner as a family again.

But until then, our meals will be eaten separately during the week. That's all there is to it.

I'm sure other parents have this issue, too. What with this kid going to this practice and another kid needing to be chauffeured to a different place halfway across town. That's why the fast food franchises are doing a booming business--it's easier to hit the drive-thru, than it is to get a meal together during the week.

I do plan meals ahead, but many times no one is interested in eating leftovers. . . . in fact, I have stew, mashed potatoes and homemade meat sauce sitting in the fridge.

I guess I'll see what I can cook this weekend and then we can dress up the leftovers this next week.

In fact, I think I have all the evil ingredients for Fleming's Mac and Cheese sitting in the fridge . . . yes, even the heavy cream and smoked cheddar cheese.

Maybe tomorrow night since the kidlet is going to a party at Incredible Pizza tonight. Hubs and I will simply have to make due with eating out tonight.

Have a great weekend! Those of you in the NE, stay safe and warm! Read a good book.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Did you eat out?
I remember the days of practices and split eating shifts.

Margaret Golla said...

Hubs and I had a Bloomin' Onion and a couple of beers at Outback Steak House. Neither one of us was very hungry, so this was plenty to eat. ;-)