A Ratty Sweater

Yesterday I planned to write all day, or at least 3000 words worth. I managed to write 400 words and then stopped.

I couldn't move forward.

I know what this chapter is about. I actually have notes and a synopsis to lead me through it, but I stopped writing.

There's always a reason I stop writing -- ALWAYS.

When I was ready to take my kidlet to swim, I remembered what it was--a ratty sweater.

No, it wasn't a big turning point. It wasn't something Mythical. Technically, it wasn't that important to the story, but. . .


And I needed to plant it in this particular scene. And yes, I finally looked through my mess of notes and it was jotted sideways on a piece of sticky note.

This might be the type of thing many other experienced authors would add when they do their edits, but for me it was a stopping point. I had to put it in.

I'm ready to move forward now . . . and this chapter is chocked full of eye-opening turning points! I didn't name the chapter, And it gets weirder by the minute, (chapter title subject to change!) just for fun! Well, maybe, but you'll have to read it first.

Gotta write.

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sister said...

Woo Hoo!!!
When I was writing Shadows, I would dress into hubsters' raid gear.

Margaret Golla said...

That's funny, Meg . . . hmm, it makes me wonder what those ladies who write naughty books do or don't wear when they're writing those scenes!

Personally, I like the idea of footy pajamas with a zipper up the front.