Zombie Apocalypse

We had a nice lazy weekend for a change. The previous two weekends involved swim meets, so it was nice to kick back and plan nothing except clean house.

Which leaves us with the title of this blog.

Hubs has been a Walking Dead fan for quite awhile. I am not.

I don't get the whole zombie thing. . . though I must confess that the previews of Warm Bodies seems like a lot of fun. And I really did like Zombieland. *double tap* Maybe it's just the horror zombie movies I have a problem with, throw a little comedy into the mix and I'm there.

Anyway, we bought . . . er, let me clarify this, "SANTA" bought a new Wii U along with a few games. But he bought a special ZombieU game for hubs.

This game is seriously creepy. The creep factor is upped due to the fact it's in London with all the added fog, it's dark,  there're screams in the background, the sounds the zombies make when they spot fresh food--er, YOU, and the blood and gore when you whack them with your cricket bat until you knock their heads off.

At first, I couldn't watch it. The kidlet definitely didn't want to watch it.

It was painful to see hub's character die, again and again.

And then he asked me to find some cheat codes. So I hop on the Internet and found one site that was AWESOME! They aren't cheat codes, per se, but simply walked you through the missions. That was also part of the problem with this game, it was tough to get your bearings.

So I printed off something like 9 sheets of paper that described various parts of the character's assignments. Though it tells you what happens in an area--you still have to live through it. And when you die, you become one of the fallen--but carrying around all the goodies you found in human life, which means you have to go back and kill your previous character to loot it.

Now when hubs plays, I crochet and the kidlet helps him spot various things on the TV screen while he is checking out info on the gaming console. He's better at playing. His character has new toys--machine gun, flares, etc. He's figured out how to take out helmeted zombies, spitter zombies, scuba zombies, and ones that are wired to explode when you whack them.

I'm still not a fan of this game as I'd prefer watching Mario Galaxy or Ray Man as I enjoy the graphics and music more from these games.

Come to think of it, Ray Man Legends should be released soon. I like that thought. Until then, I guess I'll have to deal with the Zombie Apocalypse.

Later, Peeps!

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