Weighty Wednesday -- Sliding Back into Bad Habits

Last week, I talked the good talk. I was going to do yada, yada, yada, but what I managed to do was buy a couple bags of peanut M&M and stay the course of not tracking and not eating all my fruit and veg. I did absolutely nothing to fix this weight gain trend.

Let's just say that I decided NOT to weigh this week at my Weight Watchers meeting.

This was the FIRST time in over a year and a half of my membership that I didn't weigh in. The first time since I hit my weight goal eight months ago.

And I felt HORRIBLE about it!

I weigh myself at home before the meeting and I knew I would be above the +2 pounds allowed to stay at Lifetime Goal.

For those of you late to my honesty gain--My goal weight is 132 lbs. I'm allowed to have up to 2 pounds higher than my goal, which is 134 pounds, and still keep my free membership.

I weighed 134.2 nekkid. So when you add clothing to the equation, I would definitely be over my allowable range.

The thing is that I wasn't surprised about it.

I could see it trending in my documents--in the numbers and on the graph.
I could tell by the way I felt--clothes were just a little snugger, and I felt fat and bloated.
I could also tell that I didn't care what I was eating.--the lack of documentation is a biggie.  

Though I'm on the Simply Filling plan for most days, I still didn't mark off my Healthy Guidelines checks. You know, the ones I keep talking about: Water, fruits and veg, dairy, healthy oil, multi-vitamin and exercise.

Well, I have exactly one week to fix this problem. Next Tuesday when I attend my meeting, I HAVE to weigh in to maintain my Lifetime status. I have to be in my +/- 2 pound weight range of my goal weight.

To get to this point, I didn't gain weight just because of what I ate--it was because of what I DIDN'T eat.

That's right, my friends, as I've told you--and myself--time and time you have to get all your healthy checks in EVERY DAY! If you make a poor food choice, or you decide to splurge, there's something about eating enough healthy checks that keep me in balance.

I have to get my healthy checks daily. Period.

If I do this, then I don't want to eat all the carb-loaded foods out there--yes, that includes peanut M&M's.

So, who's with me this week?

*my hand shoots up into the air*

I can't hear you! So who's with me?

*a few lone voices holler out, "We are."*

I still can't hear you! Who's with me?

*We are!*


at least 6-8 oz. glasses of Water
5-6 1/2 cup servings of fruits and veg (fluffy veg like lettuce or spinach is one cup per serving)
2 Fat Free dairy servings
1 multivitamin
1 tsp. healthy oil

Recommit, Peeps!


Marilyn said...

I'm with you, Margaret. I'm convinced that while aerobic exercise will always kick my butt, at least if I keep losing, there'll be less of it to get kicked.

Margaret Golla said...

Good plan, Marilyn! I'm already thinking about swimsuit season. :-)