Weighty Wednesday -- Bane of My Existence

has been and always will be PEANUT BUTTER.

At least, I've managed to wean myself away from the whole jar as the bane of my existence. I've learned to hate getting the stuff on my hands while digging out the last little bit.

And yes, I know there's such a thing as a rubber spatula, but I still get messy. Must be a cat thing.

Now, I only have a problem with a freshly opened jar. The beautiful smooth top, the rich aroma, the tempting urge to keep the smooth top level as I scrape even layers out of the jar.

And then one of the family members gets into it.

Violating the smooth perfection by jabbing it with a knife. Deep wounds that score my soul as much as it digs deep into the peanut butter's luscious goodness.

I try my best to heal the peanut butter wound, smoothing the rough edges and taking the coarse, ugliness away, but there is only so much one spoon and one person can do. Because those sickies will strike again and again, stabbing, jabbing, and ruining the surface of my beautiful peanut butter.

Those evil doers have been at it again.
*le sigh* Only yesterday this was a freshly opened jar with jab wounds that I sealed yesterday afternoon . . . after Weight Watcher weigh-in, of course. Last night the villains suffered from evening snackiness attacking this poor defenseless jar with abandon and pretzel crisps.
Alas, poor peanut butter, you were so young.
Hate to say it--and this is a good thing--I have absolutely NO DESIRE to smooth out this mess.
Guess you might say that I've learned to get a handle on one of my long-time food addictions.
If you're reading this blog, you've either had a weight problem, or are fighting a weight problem, or or you are a friend/family who feels guilty because I only have 100 people visiting my blog on a daily basis, but I like to think it's the honestly that I use in my posts.
Weight loss isn't easy, especially if you approach it the healthy way. It takes time for the weight to drop off, whether you have to lose the weight of a cat (10 pounds), toddler (20-40 lbs) or another person (80+ lbs), you have to recondition your responses to food.
It isn't easy, but it is doable. Just keep at it. I'm in your corner. . .  
Because I've been there. I'm still fighting the good fight, and I probably will always be food challenged. Sometimes we make poor choices, but the key is to forgive ourselves that one poor choice and move on.
When you don't forgive yourself and keep making poor choices is when we get into trouble. Yes, I smoothed the top of the peanut butter jar, but I'm not doing it multiple times a day, every single day like I used to do it.
I don't need to it any longer.
I've moved on. And so can you.
Later, Peeps! 


Meg said...

Thanks, Margaret!
I'm getting a better handle on my trigger foods.

Margaret Golla said...

Dealing with trigger foods takes time, Meg. I still have issues with it and I expect to have issues the rest of my life. But it can be roped into submission. Good luck!