The Story of Will

Will is sad.
Will is a sad swim dad.
But why is Will sad?
Will is bald.
We don't know why Will is bald . . . but he is.
Will is a bald, sad, swim dad because his head gets cold.
Poor sad Will.
But wait!
Will has an idea.
Will will start chatting up the nice crocheting lady. Every swim practice, she set up her chair and her fingers start flying.
Will chats to the nice lady, but Will is patient. He waits until the right moment to strike.
It is cold outside.
Will asks the nice lady if she had made any beanie hats.
"Why, yes, I have. For my daughter."
"Could you make me a beanie?" asked Will.
"Tell you what, Will. You buy the yarn you like and I'll figure out how to make a beanie for your man-sized melon."
A few days later Will returned with Camo colored yarn, and the nice lady measured Will's melon. The tape measure loops around his head.
Then from ear-to-ear, over his head.
And one last measurement across the top of his head.
The next night, the nice lady started crocheting Will's beanie.

She had to rip out many, many rows to get the top nice and flat for his flat melon.
If she had to make it wider, she didn't want to start the side rows.
She wanted to measure it on Will's head.
That night, she put it on Will's head.
It looked like a camo yamaka. But it fit!
Nice lady finished the beanie hat.

Will is happy!
But wait. . .
Will wonders if nice lady could make it a little longer to cover his eyes.
Nice lady looks at the remaining yarn.
"Yes, I can make another one."
And she does.
Now Will is very happy.
Will has two beanie hats.

Later, Peeps! I'll post the directions under my Crochet page!


Meg said...

The nice crochet lady almost cost me a new keyboard. What a way to start a Monday morning---laughing.

Margaret Golla said...

Glad I could brighten your Monday morning, Meggie!

Jody Werner said...

Is his head so large that he can't walk in to Target or Old Navy or any sporting goods store and buy a hat?

Margaret Golla said...

Actually, he said that most purchased hats have elastic that digs into his head. And regular knit-type winter caps just don't stay on when he's sleeping.

I talked to Mrs. Will today and he says Will wears them all the time . . . thank goodness, they're machine washable!