Painted Nails

Today the kidlet will go back to school, the hubs will go back to work, and I will start a new story.

And with a new story, one must have new fingernail polish, right?

Sometime over the holidays, my daughter had the polish on the floor of her play room. This is a 'normal' bottle of polish.
This is a bottle of polish after the almost three year old 'puppy' thought it was a chew toy for her.
See the difference?
Yeah, I'm just glad she didn't 1) manage to get the lid off, 2) break the glass, 3) swallow the darn thing, 4)spill polish everywhere!
Talk about a doofus dog, geez. And you might actually think Old English Sheepdogs might be smart, but you'd be wrong on so many levels!
Anyway, I painted my nails.
Poor little things have been a stubby mess since I went with the kidlet to get gel manicures right before her birthday. It might have had something to do with my peeling the gel OFF my nail instead of paying $5 to have it removed, or the cold weather which makes my nails brittle anyway. Whatever.
So I decided to use my pinkie's as an accessory statement . . . at least the newspaper said that nail polish was now considered an accessory like jewelry or whatever. So I painted my pinkie fingers green and blue, respectively.
Just because I could.
Believe it or not, my hands are actually considered small, though they look old, rough, and workworn . .  .and I have a busted middle finger on the bottom hand. Kiddies--this is why you ALWAYS drop your reins when you jump a fence and your horse doesn't! Actually, it was a water element (known as a liverpool), but still! The reins twisted around the end of my middle finger. I never had it x-rayed, but it was swollen and hurt like the devil for about six weeks and then developed a knot along the joint. I have full mobility, so I'm guessing it was a just a 'greenstick' fracture--a crack, but not a full break.
Anyway, back to doofus dog, despite her ability to fart constantly, chew and eat everything in sight. This next picture is why I love my doofus dog, Maggie . . . yes, we share a name, scary, huh? 
Later, Peeps!
Sorry about the picture placements, but Blogger in it's infinite wisdom has made it difficult to upload images from my computer. I have to switch to HTML, blah, blah, blah and then do a couple of handsprings to get it to work. 


Marilyn said...

Don't give Maggie a hard time. She had her fun, and she did you the favor of not swallowing/breaking/opening the bottle. She's a beautiful girl. (So's the kidlet.)

Margaret Golla said...

You know what, Marilyn?

I don't even think I punished the big rat dog! I was just so excited to pull the thing, slime and all, intact out of her gaping maw!

Geez, I wonder what vets do when a dog ingests fingernail polish.

Can't make them drink polish remover that's for sure!

Jody Werner said...

I have painted my pinkie fingernails a different color than the rest for the long time. You are the only other person I have ever seen do it. You can interpret that as a good thing, or a bad thing, as you see fit :)

Margaret Golla said...

Why does this not surprise me, Jods? :-)
I'm surprised you didn't comment on the liverpool incident. . . considering you were probably there when on this rare occasion Buster dumped my butt.