One Word at a Time

How does a NYT Bestselling author write? How does a multiple award literary writer write? How does a screenplay get written? How does a youngster journal?

And finally, how does this writer try to do the impossible and write five books in one year when she hasn't written anything new in almost two years? Spits and spurts of writing don't count. Writing a story from beginning to end does. So how do we all do it?

One word at a time, my friends. There is no other way to get around it.

Everyone in the world can write a book. You just have to have a story idea, and the patience to sit down and actually carry out the hard work--one word at a time.

Some writers take years finishing their one book. Other writers are extremely prolific and write numerous books in a year. We all do it the same way--one word at a time.

Sometimes those words are hard to wrestle out. While other times they flow smoothly like stream, or gush out like a broken water faucet.

So where's the magic? How do some writers manage to dig into our souls and find the one thing we needed to read? How do writers transport us to another time, another place? How do some writers make us feel like we've made a new best friend with their characters? How did J.K.Rowling manage to get an entire generation to read books?

One word at a time.

The magic happens when the writer starts stringing the words together into a sentence, a paragraph, or a chapter. Sometimes it takes us years to figure out how to make the magic, but it you stick with it you will find your magic.

Every writer has magic. Sometimes the magic appeals to some readers, but not others. It's still magic and it's in every word we write.

And now it's time for this writer to sit down and write some magic because five stories aren't going to write themselves!

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

So excited about you getting back to writing!!!

Margaret Golla said...

I'm happy, too!