Bloggity Update


I have updated all the Weighty Wednesday and Foodie Fridays pages. You should be able to go to the pages link at the top of the blog, click on the blog title you want, and it should give you a new page with the direct link to the blog post.

 For those interested in my writing life, I have posted a new page: 2013 Works in Progress with the books I plan to write this year. Writing five books is a lot of work, but believe it or not, it is doable . . . whether or not by me, well, that's debatable.


Meg said...

I have faith in you! I'm so proud of the work you've created and for publishing it yourself.
I know you've done a better job a ton of books I've picked up.

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Meg!

I need a year of writing, as the last two years have been editing and publishing, which is very draining!

I'll keep plugging along!