I've had a few people express an interest in the afghans that I've crocheted. So far, there are four styles that I've crocheted, the fourth style is still in progress, so I'll post the generic picture if I find one on the Internet.

When I decided to crochet afghans for family members, I had only a couple of prerequisites.

1) easy to pick up and put down
2) must be done in panels or strips

For the most part, I crochet while I watch my daughter at swim practice and at swim meets. Large afghans become ungainly after awhile and HOT in a natatorium.

All but one of these patterns are from this book.
Afghans for All Seasons, Book 3 (Leisure Arts #108217)Available on AMAZON

Angels All Around
This is probably my all time favorite afghan. I've made this over 9 of these in the past few years. The fun part of this afghan is that only two of the sides have the same pattern--the angel wings. I have made a few changes to the original pattern, but for the most part I follow the guide. If you purchase the book and want to know the changes, then email me at my contact address and I'll give you the info.


Rose Garden
This is another beautiful afghan, but it's from a different source, a small booklet featuring 12 Dazzleaire patterns. This booklet is currently unavailable.12 Classic Dazzleaire Afgan Patterns
The picture on the bottom of the booklet is my Rose Garden afghan. I didn't like the pale pink around the flowers, so I made them 'real' flowers with the green leaves. I've made this afghan at least 4 or 5 times, 3 of them this last year, using different yarn colors: Mixed berry (pictured), Mulberry (a purple color), and Navy. Light Sage is the leaf color and Ivory the background color. Crocheting 30 flowers wrecked havoc on my wrist. Next time I make it, I'll work on 10 at a time and finish each square before starting the next batch.
I started crocheting Veranda, because I was bored with the other two patterns and wanted to do something different. The seven strips seemed to take forever, but once they were done, the afghan was finished in a few days. 
Sorry, tried to enlarge, but I can't make it work!
Cobblestone (in progress) 
Image borrowed from Internet. I'll take my own when I'm finished with the project. My colors are Ivory and Antique Teal. 
The center panel strip of Veranda and Cobblestone are a little different. The cobblestone pattern I'm making is with ecru and teal blue.  
I'll post them under a new page link when I have better pics--ie. after I finish making them!
I've also crocheted numerous baby afghans, scarves, hats, etc. but never bothered to take a picture. I'll try to keep track of my projects and post them.  
Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Beautiful, Margaret!
My mother started crocheting when she went for chemo treatments. She made them for my sister & I, then a few other family members. These are treasured mementos from her.
Yours are special! I love them.

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meg!

Crocheting keeps my hands busy so I don't eat--who wants Cheeto fingers on a nice ivory afghan?--and to kill time while waiting for my kid to finish swim practice, and yes, I CAN talk and crochet at the same time.