Weighty Wednesday -- Map My Walk

Many, many years ago, when I was young and naive, I joined Weight Watchers. I didn't have as much weight to lose at that time, but I had realized that I wouldn't lose the weight without exercise. At that time, I belonged to a gym and used the elliptical machine after work and then rode my horse.

Then there were those days when the weather was lousy and I didn't ride or drive to workout.

I asked for a Billy Blanks Tae-Bo VCR tapes (see how many years ago it was!), and a Weight Watcher's walking tape. Though I did use the Tae-Bo tapes--until I clonked my previous dog in the jaw because she thought I was playing with her, I NEVER used the WW tape.

Fast forward to current technology available on every iPhone and Android phone out there. The problem is now there are too many choices that you don't know which one to pick! Last week at my WW meeting, a lady suggested the Map My Walk app. When she was talking about it, I liked the idea of the GPS mapping, tracking activity, and how fast you are going.

When I scrolled through my phone's free walking apps, it was about 15th on the list. They also have Map my Run and Map my Ride for those of you who run or bike. Here's the website link to make it easier for you: http://www.mapmywalk.com/  There are tons of options with this app, but I'm simply not interested in utilizing them at this time.

The first day I tested this app--after spending some time inputting information into the phone--I was astounded! Yes, I was, I'm not simply using a big word. I thought my normal walking route was about 4 miles, considering it takes me roughly an hour to walk. I thought I might walk around a 15 min mile, which translates to 4 mph.

My stats for the first day were 4.35 miles walked for 57 minutes at a speed of 4.5 mph!


I like this app. It has a pause button if you want to stop and chat with someone and it can send the info to your Twitter or Facebook or keep it private.

--Which reminds me, I need to remove my twitter feed. Though it posts and I've have people comment on it, it takes the joy away from the personal touch of my pithy comments about my walkies.

The only disadvantage to this particular program, and many like them that use GPS tracking, is the fact that it eats up your battery power. The hour long walk will drain my battery to about half.

Though I usually walk when the weather is bad, it's a good idea to have a backup option. I have the Wii Workout and I still have those Billy Blank's tapes . . . hmm, now I have to see if we still have a VCR to plug them into.

Later, Peeps!

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