Candy Making update

Well, folks, any new recipes will be delayed due to my continued candy making.

--Yes, I'm getting very tired of making candy. If I could simply invent fillings and let someone else do the hard work of filling them, then I'd be all over that.

So far, I've made 55 pounds of candy and have about 10 more pounds to make before I spend the day packaging 50+ boxes.

I'm slowly getting there. Today, I should be able to finish.

I have to make five or six more molded chocolates: Kahlua, Berry Caramel, Caramel, Bananas Foster caramel, Grand Marnier caramel, and Cherries Jubilee.

Next week, I'll give you an updated version of what I made.



Marilyn said...

55 pounds ... wow. If you could hold them all at the same time in your arms, it would be almost the same as the weight you've lost! That's impressive.

Anything caramel has to be good. Yum.

Cynthia D'Alba said...

I think making pounds and pounds of chocolate candy would do wonders for my diet. I suspect I wouldn't want candy for a LONG time! :)

MAGolla said...

You've got a point, Marilyn. I never thought of that! The soft caramels are the most difficult to work with, they tend to 'break' easily, separating the butter from the mixture.

MAGolla said...

That's exactly what happens, Cyndi!