Weighty Wednesday -- Sizing it up

Before I get started on today's blog, I want to shout out that I finally reached my 50 POUND LOSS metal at Weight Watchers!!!! WhooHoo!! It's been a slow journey, but I'd never trade anything about it. I've learned so much about myself during this process. I've made new friends who have shared this journey with me while they are on one of their own. And I've succeeded while eating 'normal' food. 99% of the time I refuse to 'skinny-up' a recipe, I've learned to adjust my portions and eat better choices the rest of the time.

Here's another note that might clarify some things which might be confusing. Yes, I reached my Weight Watcher's goal in July. My goal was the number at the top of my weight range--132. Just because I reached and maintained that goal for 6 weeks doesn't mean I can't lose a little more weight. . . as long as I don't drop below the lowest number on my range--106. I haven't been 106 since Middle School, so that isn't happening! To reach my 50 pound loss mark, I had to weigh--127.2. Yesterday I was right on the money . . . with light-weight clothes. :-) I wanted to reach this goal by Thanksgiving. And just because I reached it, it doesn't mean my weight won't continue to fluctuate as I gently lose weight for my next goal--the weight on my driver's license -- 120 -- which has been erroneous pretty much since I originally got my driver's license 33 years ago!  I would like to reach this goal by my next birthday, August 29th. I'll be 52. If I don't reach it, I'm good because I'm happy to be at my current weight.

Which brings me to today's topic--sizes.

Jody made a comment last week wondering why I haven't addressed the issues of clothing sizes. Well, I am today.

In case you've wondered, clothing sizes are now larger--easily two sizes larger. What used to be a size 8 is now a size 4 or 6.

If you enjoy shopping--I don't. All the getting undressed/dressed is irritating--you'll discover certain brands or styles will fit your body type better than other brands. For example, many Gloria Vanderbilt jeans won't fit me because they tend to have skinnier pant leg than Lee jeans. Though I have thinned out my thighs, I can't get around the genetics of the issue--I have heavily muscled thighs. Period. It is what it is.

While manufacturers have their particular style they make, they have also been 'biggie' sizing the clothes. As we all know, America has gotten bigger, fatter, so manufacturers have followed the trend and have made their clothes larger. Across the board, pant sizes are two sizes larger even though the size number remains the same.

-- I won't comment on shirts because I almost always have to wear a medium shirt due to my broad shoulders and don't know if those sizes have changed much. I do know that the styles are boxier than I personally care for. Heck, I've lost all this weight and I want to show off my curves. 

Twenty years ago when I weighed the same weight and my measurments were roughly the save, except my natural waist has gotten thicker--2 inches larger, probably due to age and pregnancy--I wore a size 8 jean.

Today I'm having to shop for size 4 jeans, and have been having a heck of a time finding a size to fit!
And let me just say that I am NOT a skinny Minny. I can still pinch more than an inch around my waist, and my hips are still 36 inches! I can wear a size 6 jean, but after 10 minutes on my body, I have to find a belt or I can yank them down without unzipping them!

Which is to say that I don't know how Jody finds any clothes to wear! Since I hate shopping my normal go-to places are Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and Target. Well, they don't have size 4's. If they do, they are sold as soon as they arrive.

Which brings me to the moral of this blog--don't get fixated on a number--clothing or weight.

In my closet, I have clothes that run the gamut of sizes that fit me. Anything from a small womens to an extra large juniors. I have size 6 shorts that I have sewn in an inch or more to fit me. I also have pants that I have safety pinned an inch off the zipper--if I wear a shirt over it who's to know? Well, you do, so I'll just have to kill you if you tell on me!

Time to put my homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven, because today is my baby boo's birthday. The Kidlet turns 12. Wow! Hard to believe it's been that long.

Later, Peeps!

And have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all the peeps who celebrate. I have many desserts to make today, but my nephew is coming over to help! Yay!


Jody Werner said...

I do a lot of shopping in the Junior's Department. It's a challenge, though, to find clothing that fits and is still age appropriate. If the size labeling keeps trending the way it has over the past several years, I will shortly be in to negative numbers. But since I my body size hasn't changed in decades, I still have a lot of older, classic, always-in-style clothing that fits.

Numbers don't matter. Flattering fit matters. And for the love of Pete - smaller, tighter clothes don't make you look thinner - they make you look heavier! The right fit, tailoring and proportions are key to looking awesome no matter what your size or shape.

MAGolla said...

Totally true, Jods. Find clothes that fit well and flatter your figure is far more important than trying to fit into a size because of the number.

I couldn't fit in a junior jean if my life depended on it as I have heavy thighs. Even though they are thinner than ever, they are roundly muscled, which doesn't work for most narrow-legged junior clothes. It is what it is. ;-)

Marilyn said...

I went shopping a while back for jeans with a friend who's always dieting. I found two pairs that were both an excellent fit. One pair was a size 10, the other an 8. The 10s were $15 cheaper for no reason I could find other than the name, so I bought them. My friend was appalled. She would have paid the extra $15 for the "smaller" size. :)

Jody Werner said...

Nobody is going to see the size tag inside your pants unless something has gone horribly wrong. And at that point, the size of your pants will likely be the least of your worries.

I guess a person could sew in any size tag you want, if it really bothers them. :)

I have everything from size 0 to 7, size XS to L in my closet, and they ALL fit me. What size am I? I have no idea.