Weighty Wednesday -- The Power of Three's

Last Sunday I was reading--okay, skimming--the Parade section of the paper. It was an article about the TV show, THE CHEW. Each host was asked about their favorite tip for the holiday and each one shared a recipe.

For some reason, I never got into watching the show. I've seen it a time or two, but never made a point of watching it. Anyway, I was skimming their comments and recipes until I came to Daphne Oz--and I had to look her up, because all I could remember about her was that she was the blonde woman. I'm terrible with names, yanno--I believe she is their health consultant and one comment resonated with me.

I had to go to Parade online and pull the question and her comment:

Help! How can people avoid a holiday weight gain?
Remember that [your calorie intake] balances out over three days. So don't eat a ton the day before and don't eat a ton the day after, and enjoy your full [Thanksgiving] meal. I definitely have pie!
I felt his comment about balancing out over three days to be so true.

You don't gain weight by one wayward meal, instead you gain by making a bunch of poor meal choices clumped together. Many times, the weekend is killer for my weight challenges because we actually eat together and often dine out. Eating three consecutive meals out, and not the best choices, provide a challenge to come back from, which is why weight gained on two weeks on vacation took me three months to lose.

Many times when I've allowed the family to bring ice cream in the house, we tend to eat it EVERY NIGHT until it's gone--I've learned that we fare better with eating a small Custard King custard instead satisfies our ice cream cravings without the steady intake. Or the lemon crunch bundt cake from Sam's Club, we intend to freeze half of it, but that never happens, so we eat it until it's gone.--Sorry, not tip about the Lemon Crunch cake, we just eat it until it's gone. Yes, it's that good!

The damage is done by eating the same poor choices day after day. One thin slice of pecan pie won't make you gain weight, but if you eat it every day for days on end, then you might have an unpleasant surprise at your next weigh-in. Which brings me to . . .

Thanksgiving is only eight days away.

My Weight Watcher leader Julie points out that it's only one day, but that doesn't take into account the food preparation (and subsequent eating) or the day after with all the nummy leftovers because you don't want to go short on the day of Thanksgiving so you cook too much food!

Plus I have the added food stress of my kidlet's birthday on Nov. 21. This year puts her birthday the day before Thanksgiving. Luckily, she's having her party at Incredible Pizza--no muss, no fuss, and no pizza leftovers!

This particular hint doesn't really work for me, but Julie did say something this last week's meeting that really struck a cord with me, paraphrased of course because my memory is a sieve.

Thanksgiving is all about tradition. We tend to make the same things each and every Thanksgiving, sometimes this is the only time you actually eat these various dishes. So if you know what it being served, then you can PLAN for the meal.

You don't have to wonder what Aunt Sally is going to bring, because she brings the same food every year. You know there will be turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce (I'll post my mom's recipe on Friday), some form of green bean casserole, and potatoes (white or sweet).
  • Refresh your mind with portion sizes the day before. Measure/weigh various products.
  • Take less than you normally would eat. Remember you can always go back if you are really hungry, but sometimes all you want is a taste of something, not a serving.
  • It's okay to leave food on your plate
  • If you don't like it, don't eat it
  • Share dessert with your significant other. It's romantic and it's less food.
 Remember what Daphne Oz said, ". . . your intake balances out over three days." So don't eat like a fiend. Think healthy choices on the day before and the day after. Eat more Power foods. Eat less refined flour and sugar products.

And remember, if you are eating your third poor meal choice, then realize it might come to haunt you later during weigh-in. Switch it up the next few days with conscientious choices and see how well you do.

Later, Peeps!


Kristin Schultz said...

Great message since I wasn't at the meeting yesterday!! I ate terrible yesterday being at a funeral and all the food that goes along with it. I already had in mind today that I was going to eat all power foods! Lots of veggies for me today as well! I agree with you on this!

June Love said...

I love the idea of spreading it out over several days. I just found out yesterday that we'll be home for Thanksgiving. Usually, we're gone all week. This should help tremendously. Instead of eating out every meal, I'll have partial family at my house and can control the food being served. YAY!

Jody Werner said...

I have a really ignorant question. How many calories do you have to eat to gain a pound? I think it's like 3000, right? So I have a friend who will claim "I gained ten pounds last week." How is it even possible to eat that volume of food? I mean, no matter how hungry you are, your stomach is only so big. Can you actually stretch it over time?

Obviously this question sounds stupid, but remember you're talking to someone who has to remind herself to eat MORE to keep her weight up. I'm going in to the holidays a few pounds down because of my depression/lack of appetite, so I figure that gives me free reign to eat anything I want.

MAGolla said...

Kristin! We missed you at the meeting yesterday! Trish is great about keeping us informed. Ditto on the power foods! Making a smoothie has been my go-to meal when I'm taking the kidlet to swim practice at 5:30 or 6:15.

1 cup ff milk
1 banana
froze strawberry slices

Just mix it up to milkshake consistancy. YUM!

If you put it through the recipe calculator, it comes up points, but the items are all zero pt value. I've had my best weight loss weeks with this smoothie.

You can substitute spinach for the strawberries and add a couple of ice cubes for a green monster smoothie.

MAGolla said...

Hey, June!
Just remember that if you eat poorly over three days, then it will turn around and bit you in the butt . . . literally.

Controlling your enviornment is easier when you are in a familiar place. Being home for Thanksgiving is a good thing!

MAGolla said...

Hey, Jods!

No question is ignorant. I had to look it up, but it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound. A 'normal' calorie intake is 1500-2000 calories/day.

Actually gaining weight is VERY easy to do.
--people pour up a bowl of cereal and eat it. many times the amount they pour is 2-3 times the appropriate serving size.
--eggs cooked in butter, sausage/bacon toast with butter and jelly--if I eat a big breakfast, I have to stick with salads for the rest of the day.
--fast food anything for lunch. A Big Mac is 550 calories and that doesn't count the french Fries. A BK Whopper is 670 calories.
--PFChang's meals are 2-3 servings. If you look it up, many of their meals are 800-1200 calories, multiply that by 3 and you get the real eye opener . . . especially if you've eaten the entire plate of food!
--Many people 'fill' their plates, the problem is that most plates are double the size plates used to be.
--a small Sonic Blast (14 oz--not really 'small', is it?) is a whopping 900 calories.

Over time, your stomach does stretch to accomodate your food intake, which is why some people who have had lap band surgery can rupture their stomachs or regain the weight they lost.

Part of the problem is that people have trained themselves to eat until they feel full, soon this becomes a habit and they think they need to feel full and not just satisfied.

Add the fried factor and you probably added 1/3 more calories. Eat more refined flour and sugar items, you gain weight.

I've found that just eating a small amount of pasta will cause me to gain weight. I think something about the wheat product makes me retain water, thus the weight gain.

Eating lots of salty items will also cause you to gain water, therefore weight.

I gained 7 pounds over vacation in August. I was very active and make good food choices, but I also ate what I wanted.

For a large percentage of the population it's easy to gain weight. You, Jods, are part of the minority--the penultimate "one-in-a-million". :-)

I'll be sending you a candy care package in December--that should fatten you up! If you can't wait that long, steal some from Karin--I sent her a package when I put together the auction winners for Brenda Novak's For the Cure auction last May!

Jody Werner said...

I guess I just have a smaller capacity for food, then. I couldn't eat any restaurant meal in one sitting. It's two or three meals for me. Likewise, I wouldn't be able to eat a whole whopper and fries.

I also hate feeling 'full.' It makes me uncomfortable. I always stop knowing I could eat more.

Since I've had no appetite at all over the past three months, I think maybe my stomach has gotten even smaller. I'm just eating 'comfort food' and anything that sounds good right now just to keep my calorie count up. I'll be happy to consume all the chocolate you wish to send!

MAGolla said...

Jods--when I was in Med Tech school, I had a friend who was just like you. Diana had to put on weight to have a medical proceedure done; she was drinking milkshakes once or twice a day.

Do what you have to do to keep your calorie count up. Sometimes constant eating of small items might help you through this.

I'll start making candy after Thanksgiving, so I'll be shipping the second week of December.