Weighty Wednesday -- Holidaze

If you live in America, then you'll know that the season for holidays has taken off with Halloween. We'll have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Marti Gras and Easter before it's all over this winter season, and that's not even counting the family get-togethers and parties. And an added one of my daughter's birthday the day before Thanksgiving!

But if you're like me, you will know that the holidays, and subsequent eating challenges, started in September when Halloween candy blorped up in it's own little section of various stores. And candy, my personal nemesis, will continue to taunt me throughout the holiday . . . candy . . . season.

Yesterday, I did a little grocery shopping, and yes, I did manage to find my way into the 50% off Halloween aisle. Other than a couple of cute Halloween earring stocking stuffers, I did cave and bought a bag of Halloween mix. You know, the kind that has candy corn, chocolate candy corn and pumpkins in it.

I've hidden it from the rest of the family.

And yes, I've opened it and and almost demolished the entire bag.

Hey, though I'm at my goal weight, I still face the same challenges you do!

I'll just put a check mark in the "not a good healthy eating day" column and move on with my life.

The interesting part of my candy habits is that I've started making filled chocolates. This candy is for those who won Brenda Novak's For The Cure auction last May. I sent notes to all winners and postponed making the candy until the weather became cooler. I didn't want them to end up with a puddle of chocolate in the mail. Anyhoo, I don't eat my candy. Oh, I'll sample my flavors, or cut one open to see how it set up, but I don't crave it. I think it's because I'm exposed to it for hours on end.

Back on track, my point is holidays happen. Parties happen. Cook-outs and BBQ's happen. We simply have to find the way to deal with life and everything it throws at us. And eating a second or third serving of turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes isn't it.

Though the holiday is only one day, let's be real, it actually lasts much, much longer. We spend time thinking about the meal, shopping for the food, making the food, eating the meal and then have to deal with the leftovers.

There are a few tricks in my bag to survive the season. Here are some of mine--they should be looking very familiar by now:
  • Plan, plan, plan. Take the time and jot down on a calendar your party schedule, family get-togethers, and work shindigs. The more you know, the better you can plan your meals.
  • Drink lots of water. Seriously. So many times we tend to get dehydrated from the cooler weather outside and the heat inside. Plus the more you fill up on water, the less you want to snack on the nummies Bobby Sue brought. If you start trolling for food at work, take a detour to rehydrate first. And stay away or limit your alcoholic beverages. When one imbibes you tend to lose your inhibitions about eating . . . along with other inhibitions, but this is a G-rated blog so I won't get into that.
  • Think Power foods. Lean meats. Whole grains. Fruits and veggies. Fill up on those items and you'll be less likely to grab the refined sugar/flour treats. It doesn't mean you can't eat them, but do you really want to eat them?
  • Portion control. Take the time at home and re-familiarize yourself with correct portions sizes. How much a 1/2 cup of something really looks like, or how big a 3 oz. portion of turkey really is. Yes, you can have a piece of pecan pie, but do you really want to eat all of it, or just a taste or two? I usually nibble off my hubby's dessert plate or take a very thin sliver of something just to experience the taste.
Notice how I always go back to the basics of Weight Watchers when I'm faced with challenges?

It's because it works. If I have a bad meal or day, I know I can go right back to basics to get my body back on track. I have the knowledge to be successful during this stressful season . . . and so do you if you've been an avid reader of my blog for any length of time.

Later, Peeps!

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