Deck the Halls and And All That Jazz

Sorry about the lack of Foodie Friday post this week, but out of the four desserts my nephew made (I guided and did dishes, but he wanted to cook) I have already posted them on Foodie Friday: Key Lime Pie and Cranberry-Apple Tart. The other two were good, but I didn't think they were that good if you know what I mean.

This year we didn't have guests over the holiday, but we managed to keep busy with visiting family, yard/house work, going to the movies -- Skyfall, anyone? -- or putting up Christmas decorations. Wow, we have never had all our decorations up before December! Thanksgiving was early and my hubs was on a mission! It probably has to do with work stuff, since their building is moving mid-December and he sold his soul to the devil for the lucky chance to be the head-honcho in charge of the move . . . along with his real work. That man is seriously stressed out.

Anyway, we did our Yuletide decorating this last weekend and when I too pictures it didn't look like much. It's hard to believe that all this came out of 8 large plastic boxes! Just the ornaments on the tree came from 3 boxes. Well, I have to confess that I didn't put everything up. There's the lighted garland that decorated the staircase, or all the Christmas picks that I used to place around the smokers, or the box of assorted Christmas stuff from my childhood (We save it for sentimental reasons, not for showing), or the Precious Moments figurines that make my husband cringe every time he sees them.

Hubs took care of the outside lights--sorry didn't think to take a picture last night. I'll try to tonight and post it. I took care of the inside--Hubs decorated the tree, while I unwrapped every single ornament from tissue paper. The kidlet placed 5, yes five ornaments on the tree.

Christmas tree 2012
Two Pyramids and chapel
Sleigh centerpiece that I made 
And what would Christmas be without my smokers? I love my German smokers. I want one for Christmas, so I'd better order one soon or hint dramatically to my sis who is currently living in Germany! She's coming to OK for the holidays, so I'd better hurry!

Only the carved soldier is a smoker.
 And I'm sure I mentioned this, but I backpacked across Europe with three of these smokers in my backpack, guess which ones!

Later, Peeps!

It's time to make the bonbons! I have the camera downstairs, so I'll take pictures if I'm not too chocolatey.


Cynthia D'Alba said...

Smokers? Do you mean that all the statues are smoking a pipe or something?

MAGolla said...

Yep, all of them smoke with the exception of the two Nutcrackers. They are in two pieces, usually the legs seperate from their bodies. I have German insense cones that I light, set them on the little metal platform on the top of their feet and the insense smoke comes out of their mouths.

:-) My smokers make me happy.

Marilyn said...

I've never heard of smokers before. They're cute. I have a collection of nutcrackers that stay out all year, so I need to get Bob to dust them. Our tree's going up in the next day or two, and I'm actually thinking about digging Mom's outdoor lighted reindeer out to put in the yard.

MAGolla said...

The teeth on nutcrackers scare me, probably due to some childhood trauma involving Night Gallery or something my older sibs used to watch.

Put out the reindeer, Marilyn. I'm sure your mom would have loved it and besides Santa needs to find a way to find your house out in the middle of the boondocks! :-)

Marilyn said...

LOL. I've also got Mom's animated Santa and Mrs. Claus. (When we cleaned out her house, the rule was if no one wanted something, then the person who bought it had to take it back.) The kids hated them because of the way their eyes move when they move. I'm thinking of taking them to my niece's house while she's at work and setting them up on her stoop so she can find them when she gets home. The only problem is where to hide to watch her freak out. :)

MAGolla said...

You MUST set up a camera. Maybe a motion detector type of camera. That would be so funny!