Fall Break -- What did you do?

Last week, it was Fall Break.

It seemed like it was a week too early this year and the concept totally messed with my head.
--Plus it doesn't help that the night time temps are staying in the 70's! It's just too hot for Fall Break!

First it was Parent/Teacher conferences on Wednesday, but they never stated that the kids would be out of school, since it really wasn't the start of "fall break".

Yeah, what they didn't want were for parents to take their kids out of school for a long vacation and miss the two days of school!

In fact, the high school was still in classes on Wednesday.

How do I know this?

Because I attended parent/teacher conferences, doncha know!

My kidlet is doing quite well in school, but she always seems to enjoy school. She's making A's--though she had to work up from a B in one class. The teachers all said that she's happy, asks good questions and is a good worker.

So basically, parent/teacher conferences simply stroked my back that the hubs and I were doing a pretty good job with her!

On Thursday, we took a day trip to Silver Dollar City and met up with some friends and their two kids. The best perk was when we found out the local schools didn't have fall break and there were virtually no lines on all the rides! Fun was had by all! We drove home before dark and managed to get to bed at a normal time.

On Friday, my kidlet went with other 6th grade Girl Scouts to Robber's Cave State Park. Many of these girls went with their troops, but my daughter is troopless. I discovered there is a name for Girl Scouts without a troop--Juliette--in honor of the founder. She had a blast and wants the family to visit the park in the summer.

After dropping the kidlet off at the Girl Scout bus, Hubs and I went to Oktoberfest. Beer, food, the Chicken dance, and fun was had by all!

Oktoberfest is a tradition in this house . . . we met there 22 years ago. ;-)

Again, we called it an early evening and left the party about 8:30. Two pitchers of Warsteiner Premium beire and we were tapped out! I don't think I could last until 11:30 when they get the firehoses out to wash down the tents!

On Saturday, Hubs waxed his baby--a shiny red Corvette--and washed the dog--a seriously stinky Old English Sheepdog, while I did loads of laundry.

On Sunday, we hung out, had a big breakfast before cleaning the house. The stinky kidlet was picked up and hosed off . . . er, she took a shower, and I did another couple loads of laundry.

Hopefully, I'll be on track this week with my blogs, but I'm feeling an Autumnal Ennui hitting. Usually my allergies make me sluggish and tired, hopefully it won't last long this year.

Later, Peeps!


Marilyn said...

I don't know where you get your energy. I worked, had Cam, went to a birthday party, slept and worked more.

I need to experience this "fall break" concept . . .

MAGolla said...

Erm, I have no energy . . . dincha read the comment about Autumnal Ennui??

Actually, for Grandparents, Fall Break is when the parents go on vacation and leave the kid with you! :-)

Twisted Sister said...

I got tired just reading your blog.
Love Robber's Cave State Park.

MAGolla said...

But I didn't do that much, Meg! Marilyn and you simply sweep me under the couch with your productivity!

I've been wanting to go to a couple of state parks. I'd also like to drive the Tallamina (sp?)road. This would be the right time of year to do that.