Computer Snafu

Yesterday started off so well.

I had an awesome walkies. Fog had settled in, so I waited a little before I started walking. As I walked the sun burned off the fog, leaving behind crystalline spiderwebs lining the chain-linked fence.

It was beautiful. Oh, and I walked for 58 minutes.

As I tried to tweet my comments about my observations and my walkies, my computer hosed up.

An aside about Twitter--98% of the time, okay, make that 99.9%--I forget to use a hashtag. I post mainly for myself, to keep accountable about my walking, but sometimes I post observations. If the post didn't go to my Facebook page, I doubt if anyone other than @MarilynPappano would actually see it!

Back to the hosing up issue. It was taking forever to load, so I decided to reboot it to get its panties out of the wad it was in.

It wouldn't reboot.

This was seriously odd. I waited then I decided to really piss the computer off and did a hard shutdown (non-comp literate people--this is where you push the button on the actual computer, not the monitor).

It wouldn't shut down.

I held the button down for 8-10 seconds, then it finally shut down.

While I waited to start it up, I rotated the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

I returned and turned my computer on. It started up like normal, but then went to a black screen.

Hard-Disk Drive Failure.
Press F1 to initiate restart, F2 to initiate utility program.
(I think this was the exact wording. You would think I would remember since I looked at it all day!)

Oh, crap!

I pressed F1. It went to a blank screen and then my computer shut off.

Double crap!

I turned off everything at the wall and started it up again.

Hard-Disk Drive Failure flashes on the screen again.

grumble, grumble

I text hubby message--I knew the poor thing would be in meetings all day and I try not to bother him. "Computer gave me hard drive failure. Just leave it alone?"

And then I took a shower.

He texts and then calls me back about thirty minutes later when he was on a break. He could have walked me through another start up, but I could survive without it for one day.

I tweeted my computer dead comment on my phone. Well then I  talked to my friend Cyndi to see if she got the crit I did of her short story. It was bleeding on the first two pages.

On an aside: When I crit, I don't pick apart grammatical issues. That's for people who know their grammar. I'll mark something if it doesn't sound right, but that's about it. I tend to look at the logistics of the thing. Plus Cyndi's hero skied in to rescue the captive damsel, and I had serious issues to many of the skiing parts of the equation. I'm a skier, and have skied for over 25 years. I've boarded once and was on my butt so much that it nearly froze off!

When we talked on the phone, we found a better and far cooler answer to the skiing problems.
  Dude became a snowboarder. The clothes are less constrictive and loud. The boots are easier to walk in than plastic ski boots. All around it was a better choice!

And then I made candy.

Pecan praline nuts (seriously addictive!) and peanut butter fudge (good, but it 'cooked' my vanilla. Still haven't figured THAT one out!).

I also did laundry, read more of The Hobbit and watched judge shows.

I lost the one day this week that I knew I could work on my non-fic book. Oh, well, there is always a reason for the way things happen.

Today I have numerous errands to run, Weight Watchers, visit my bro and his granddaughter who stopped in town for a short visit, eat lunch with my mom, bro and grandkid. Pick my girl up from school. Run some more errands before taking her to an intrasquad swim meet at 6:15.

Nope, I don't see any time to sit down and work on anything.

Oh, well.

Later, Peeps


Cynthia D'Alba said...

Yes, Zac Rose snowboarded in to rescue his ex...who happens to be the daughter of the VP of US. Story turned in. Thanks for your help

MAGolla said...

Awesome! So glad I could help!