Autumnal Changes

After a hideously hot summer times two, we have finally managed to cool down a little.

Now we've actually set a record for the earliest freezing temperature, October 6. The previous record was Oct. 20. Our normal freeze usually happens after Halloween.

I don't know how this bodes for the winter, but if it was anything like last winter, it'll be a non-event. The previous winter was a whole 'nuther experience though, with schools shutting down because the cold and windchill, along with other occurrences of over a foot of snow dumping on us and shutting down most businesses for days and schools for a week. Normally, I wouldn't be pissy about the kids missing school, but they had just returned the previous week after two weeks off for Christmas! Aaarrrrgggghhhh!

Anyway, back to this year. Yesterday I tweeted about a few things. You are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter, I'm magolla1. I usually post things about my walks or stuff like that.

  • Two chill nights have started the autumnal process. Bright yellows, reds, purples and oranges are dotting the trees along my path.
  • A weak, watery sun tries to shine through a shroud of grey clouds . . . it fails.
  • Eight Scissortail Flycatchers sitting on a barbed wire fence chittering, chattering, and chortling as I walk past.
  • Late walkies, but warmer than this AM. 59 min.
    And last, but certainly not least
  • Cleaning house. Then decided to get Halloween stuff out. Throwing lots away. Keeping mummy and headless bride just for the memories!
The trees are changing, which is really a surprise with the horrible drought we had this summer and last summer. In September, we got a lot of rain, not enough to take us out of the 'drought' terminology, but enough to make the trees think it was spring.
Yes, the silly Bradford Pears started blooming again. I hate the smell of those 'death' trees!
The cliff swallows are long gone, but the scissortails and bluebirds are back in force! They are so much fun to watch and listen to on my walks.
The sky is heavier with the sun trying to break through, but mostly failing. I don't think I have SADD, but I do like my sunshine!
This morning is warmer than expected and a fog has settled in. I'll wait until drivers can see me before I walk. There's a small section of my walk that I have to walk on the shoulder of a busy road, not my favorite place, but it's the only way to get to my path.
We pulled out a ton of Halloween stuff from our crawl space this year. It's time to thin it out and replace the old cardboard boxes with clear plastic ones, like we use for the Christmas stuff. We're mainly throwing away stuff that has seen better days or I stopped putting out. Every now and again it's time to purge, plus it's was the day before trash day.
Well, time to wake the rest of the family up for their long days of work and school.
Later, Peeps!


Donnell said...

What a lovely description of fall, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Never thought of a pear tree as a death tree. Why is that?

MAGolla said...

Ah, yes, the death trees. I don't think anyone really pays attention to their smell, except me.

In our previous house, we had a 30 foot Bradford pear, it was protected from the wind by our house on the east and north, and the south by the neighbor's house. This kept the air from dissipating the smell from the blooms.

One day I strolled up to the front door and wondered what critter had died. Once I got the hubs outside with his super sensitive nose, we figured out it was the Bradford Pear. It smells like rotting meat or a decomposing animal.

Normally, those trees are out in the open with the wind blowing and you really don't notice the smell. But put them in a confined place and UGH!

Take a sniff next spring and see if I'm right! ;-)