An Oxymoronic Idea

For the last couple of weeks, I've been in a quandary.

I didn't want to write on my two new stories, nor did I want to write on my weight-loss project, I simply made candy. Taking recipes that I found and changing them up a bit.

And it wasn't until I was commenting on Marilyn Pappano's blog--re: a typical day in the life of an author--that it struck me. . .

I write a blog on Wednesday's about health, weight-loss and general exercise, while on Friday's I write a post about food, more specifically--making candy.

I thought it was kind of funny in an oxymoronic sort of way.

Here I am, your basic schlub who lost 45 pounds touting the benefits of good health and exercise, while I crave making candy. I really, really enjoy the creating process of candy making. Numerous writing friends have suggested that I write a non-fiction book about my weight loss, while others have mentioned that I need to write a cookbook about making candy.

Well, I have zero platform for either of those endeavors. I'm not some exercise guru like Jillian Michaels, nor am I a candy/cake diva like Kerry Vincent (she's a hometown gal, so I feel I must throw her name around!), BUT what if I found a way to combine the two.

Wouldn't that be a laugh?

So I mentioned it in a tweet that I had this thought while on my daily walkies . . . and I actually had a few people mention that they would buy the book.


I have lots of material from my blogs, but it will take some time to make it a cohesive type of book.

So if y'all have any suggestions for chapter titles and their contents, I'm all ears.

I've only thought about one chapter idea--The Fudge Factor--yes, the recipes would be fudge, but the chapter topic would be how we try to cheat ourselves on our weight-loss journey.

All I have to say is that blogs are easier to write since all I have to do is brain dump a single topic. Writing coherent chapter from a bunch of brain dumps is harder to organize!

So sayeth the writer of the Virgo sign, whose mission in life is efficient organization!

Chat with y'all later, I have some blogs to organize!

Later, Peeps


Marilyn said...

Your platform for either endeavor would be:

1) you eat healthy and exercise and have dropped 45 pounds

and 2) you make candy

and 3) you're pretty successful at both.

Seriously, I'm only vaguely aware of who Jillian Michaels is, and I've never heard of Kerry Vincent. Sure, it's easier to get a contract and promotion if you've got a track record in whatever you're doing, but plenty of readers/buyers just want someone who can show them results. Which you can do.

Love the Fudge Factor. :)

MAGolla said...

Thanks, Marilyn!

My little mind is going nuts with how I plan to approach this topic!

Twisted Sister said...

I think it is a good idea to write this book. I would buy it, plus you are a real woman who doesn't have a zillion dollars to spend for a trainer, all the time in the world to exercise 6-8 hours. Being a mother, wife and author give you real creds. :-)

MAGolla said...

Thanks, Meg!

I've started writing it. I hope I don't make it into a total mess!