Manly Roles

So I was watching the new Jeff Probst show the other day and they were talking about Morgan Spurlock's Manly Role Models. Basically, the typical gender roles are reversing with more men becoming at-home dads and taking over the responsibility of hearth, home and kids.

The old thought of what an alpha male is has changed. We don't need someone to go hunting for our dinner, or chop down trees to build a house. Times have changed and so have the roles of men.

Toward the end of the show, they were asking the women in their audience what they find attractive in their men. Almost everyone of them mentioned they like that their man could do little 'guy' jobs around the house.

I completely agree.

I don't want to mess with changing the garage lights. I'm short and need a step stool, and add in all sorts of dead critters. *shudders* I'm so not into that scene. Hubs doesn't need a step stool. It would take him about 30 seconds to change a bulb, when it would take me 5 minutes.

Here are a few more examples:

On Saturday, I took the kitchen trash bag out of the container under the sink. Hubs took the bucket outside to wash it, and then proceeded to take apart the wire roller system, empty the contents under the sink and replace the rubber matting before reassembling the roller system and putting it back together. None of which was expected.
Time spent: 45 min.

On Sunday, I mentioned that the dryer had been taking overly long to dry the clothes and then when the machine buzzed, the clothes weren't dry. So he takes his handy-dandy filter cleaner {This is uber-cool, btw. It's a brush that has about 10 flexible fiberglass lengths that screw into a drill. The drill spins the brush, while the dryer air blows the stuff out of the vent.} Well, this led into pulling the front off the dryer and cleaning out the lint in the bottom of the inside of the dryer--one button, one WW charm, 52 cents in change, and numerous bits and pieces of 'stuff' besides lint. When the dryer was disassembled we also discovered cat barf deep in the cracks. (Mr. Kato has been gone for over 2 years now!) My dryer is much less of a fire hazard now, but this was above the call of duty.
Time spent: 1.5 hours.

Replaced flapper in one of the toilets--less than 3 minutes.

Last week, we had a storm blow through and it almost fried my computer. I couldn't get the thing to boot up if my life depended on it. I turned my big brown eyes to my man, blinked back the tears and he fixed it for me. Hey, it pays off to be married and sleeping with your own IT geek! Anything I need, IT-wise, I usually get.
Time spent: 1.75 hours.

A few weeks ago, he added an electrical outlet next to the grill. The outlet that serves the front porch is used by the pond pump and UV pond light, so there were no available plugs for general usage. We'd been using an extension cord into the house for the dog dryer, the electric smoker, the frozen drink machine, and various and sundry items that need an electrical outlet. So he cut a hole in the wall outside of the indoor outlet, wired the new plug, and put it back together again.
Time spent: 2.5 hours.

True, he also mows the lawn and edges. He helps clean up the dishes. And he's a better house cleaner than I am. I pick up stuff all the time, but dusting--Yuck! Oh,I have my roles in the house, but I do have to admit that having a man to do these types of jobs is PRICELESS!

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sistser said...

Woo Hooo! What a keeper you have. As my DH approaches retirement, I've noticed how much more he does--without being asked! And what a cook! I still get flowers. Now that's manly
Congratulations to you and hubster!

MAGolla said...

Thanks, Meg! He's a good guy.

Jody Werner said...

That was a definite perk when I used to be married to an electrical contractor. If he couldn't build/fix/improve something himself, he had a buddy that could.

Jody Werner said...

Oh, meant to add - it really disturbs me to see how many people seem to be attracted to the "bad boy" male characters in the "romance" (I use the word lightly, because "romance" is mostly pornography these days) novels. They treat women with disdain and treat them as sexual objects, and people find that "hot??" These guys are everything you should NOT look for! Give me a good hearted guy who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Yeah, like Mike Rowe. HE is hot!

MAGolla said...

It is nice to have a handyman around, but I bet you do a lot more stuff on your own, Jods. I know I'd step up if I didn't have a choice.

Bad boys are fun to look at, but I wouldn't take one home to Mom and Dad! I do think the direction romance is moving isn't what I want to read any more.

I have found a couple of fun paranormal authors: Jana DeLeon--Trouble in Mudbug--her MIL is a ghost causing all sorts of problems! Some of Christie Craig's stuff. It's been awhile since I've read them, but they are usually fun romps. Toni McGee Causey--her Bobbie Faye books are a hoot. How one gal can get into so much trouble, I just don't know!